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Monday, January 28, 2013

By golly, but kikes getting their asses absolutely kicked in the comments section to Jew-friendly lies about holohoax, ho ho ho

Ho ho ho ho ho--I love it comrades--ck it out: fantastic comments at the story,

The article itself sucks, of course, on a typical, kike-friendly site like, but what's significant is the COMMENTS--ck them out--MOST ARE ANTI-SEMITIC, the anti-semitic comments getting lots of approvals and "likes," ho ho ho--by golly, but it does my heart good.

Just think, kikes know is one of their sites, but golly-gee, allowing honest commenting, and kikes getting their butts kicked royally, w. heavy doses of truth, truth, truth, ho ho ho--THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS--ck it out.

Also, one can use search term, "Holocaust victims mourned at Auschwitz and beyond" to access the story and comments long as they stay open.

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