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Friday, January 11, 2013

Jewwy Alexei Jones shows up the satanistic puke, Piers Morgan, EXPOSES the satanic plot

Ho Ho Ho--The Satanic Beast Bares Its Fangs, Reveals Its Limitless Perfidy
(Apollonian, 11 Jan 13)

Well well, Alexei Jones (, who's quite Jewwy himself, as we know, brilliantly provoked the criminal fugitive (see fm British justice (involved in the phone-hacking scandal there), one Piers Morgan of CNN Jews-media, now employed as hatchet-man, mouth-piece for poisonous drug-pushers (big Pharma) here in Jew S A, to reveal their criminal plans and intentions--dis-arming of US citizens, prelude to exterminations and mass-murder, etc., according to "agenda 21."

So here's the program, so artfully and eloquently laid-out for us by the brit shill and criminal: Morgan says Americans should be stripped of "assault weapons" which are necessary to oppose criminal ZOG gov.--for the kids whom these ZOG scum have done so much to murder by direct means and indirect, as by way of fluoridated water, poison vaccines, GMO foods, "chem-trails," etc.--aside fm the direct instances, as at Waco in 1993, OKC in 1995, etc.

SUCH IS SATANISM, organized, deliberate psychopathology, in ur face, comrades, which the stupid goons among the TV-addicted public don't and can't face and can barely even understand.  Poor, brainless scum don't want to believe they're scheduled for mass-murder according to "agenda 21" (also--see

Morgan doesn't want to face fact of murderous ZOG gov., u see--that's ridiculous, he pretends, without any further discussion, the satanistically presumptuous scum, and he actually challenged our hero, Alexei, during the course of his interview when he brought-up the 9/11 conspiracy, whence Alexei drew back a little in the only defensiveness which he manifested in the entire "interview"/confrontation.

Alex should have continued to push forward forthrightly and told the scummy brit 9/11 was perpetrated by the very same powers behind the poison drug pushers who pay Morgan to shill and lie for them about everything else, including present gun-control issue at hand.  After all, is there any doubt the 9/11 Commission Report was TOTAL lies and cover-up?  Ho ho ho.  Whoever did 9/11, it WAS NOT Arabs or muzzies--they could only have been working fm INSIDE.

But again, observe what's MOST INTERESTING: Morgan BRAZENLY, in true satanistic style, challenging Alexei to call the spade on the 9/11 issue, the satanistic Morgan calculating (correctly, as we see) Alexei would draw-back and neglect and forbear to face the fact(s) about such 9/11 issue.

Still, it's most interesting how the satanistic murderers mis-calculated w. Alexei, hoping to get Alexei all worked-up and passionate, as actually happened, BUT YET FAILING to get Alexei to make a fool of himself, sputtering and ranting incoherently--which didn't happen, Alexei brilliantly keeping focus despite his passion and emotional heat, ending up delivering most effective counter-challenge to the satanists regarding gun-control and necessity of armed citizenry DESPITE any massacres of innocent little kiddoes, like at the Sandy Hook hoax (see

No wonder kikes and satanists were so apoplectic and Alexei WAS NOT invited to appear and speak on ANY OTHER Jews-media shows, ho ho ho ho hoo ho ho--this is just confirmation (yet more) of the overall satanistic conspiracy, designs, and co-ordinate machinations.

Here's an excellent vid analysis and report on Jewwy satanists trying to "spin" the issue, pretending Alexei is "extremist," and that there's really a "middle":

Fact remains that it, the gun-control issue, is not about duck-hunting; rather, it's about resisting a tyrannic, ZOG gov. attempting now, even as we speak, to mass-murder the people, even if by indirect means, presently, like w. the poison vaccines and up-coming drone attacks against civilians, etc.

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  1. Here's a note I sent Alex in comments section of his blog at


    Alex: u got this guy, Piers Morgan--consider,

    (a) Morgan's argument is we don't need "assault" semi-automatics because we don't need to fear gov.

    (b) So u produce a spiffy vid, as u're well capable, going over the treacherous record of gov.--all gov.s, including the USA, dropping radiation on people without their consent or even knowledge, infecting them w. diseases, experimenting on them w. nerve-gas, etc. Then u can go over other neat things too, like Waco 1993 where Clinton and Reno murdered 26 innocent kids as well as other civilians.

    (c) Then pursue ur excellent pt. about Morgan being scummy hatchet-man/mouth-piece for drug pushers trying to mass-murder, by slow-kill methods, the population, w. poison drugs, Morgan a criminal fugitive fm justice in UK, etc.