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Friday, December 28, 2012

Satanism: general principles and exemplary details

Satanism: What Is It?--And Why Is It Expedient To So Identify And Target It?
(Apollonian, 28 Dec 12)

Again, satanism, in general, is concerted, organized, deliberate psychopathology w. the aim of massive death, murder, lies, and irrationality--they all going together, all upon the premises of subjectivism and Pharisaist "morality."  Sandy Hook was most excellent example, but don't forget the satanist follow-up, the dis-armament of the people, the very purpose of the Sandy Hook murders in the first place.

But let's now look at specific examples of such satanism so that by INDUCTION (generalization) we can then get a good, accurate, incisive idea of the larger picture.

(a) Of course, satanism is built upon the typical Jew culture of LIES (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), hence HUBRIS, the idea that humans are God, that there's such thing as a perfectly "free" human will, humans then capable of "good"--by which human good humans then can achieve (Pharisaist) righteousness and demand a place in heaven fm God (this is Pelagian heresy, first noted and analyzed by St. Augustine).

(b) This general hubris follows fm the philosophic/metaphysical premise of SUBJECTIVISM, the idea that reality is merely what is in one's head, the subject then the god of his/her own reality, for example, based upon premise of "what's good for Jews."

(c) Note then, Jews aren't only ones capable of lies, BUT un-questionably, Jews are most organized, united, "connected," and thus focused upon this satanic mentality/philosophy and hence society and order.  Thus Jews are naturally and historically the TOP-ranking criminals in control, manipulating all the others, the stupid goyim, scum, criminals, et al., as we see presently, Jews master-minding the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam (see for expo/ref. on Fed).

(d) There are lower-ranking, not-terribly-bright kikes too, never doubt, but they're all dedicated criminals and filth, following the lead of their masters.  So note it's possible one can see goyim satanists who seem to command and direct lower-level kikes.  But Jews, necessarily, are always in position of top-most leadership.

(e) Thus beyond subjectivism and mysticism, which is sad rut into which anyone can fall out of simple ignorance, there's then organized, deliberate irrationalism and anti-reason--like, for example, anti-racism, this justified on premise of pretended/imagined "moralism" (Pharisaism), racism deliberately mis-understood and mis-construed, racism being actually the virtue of LOYALTY to one's ancestors, people, and culture.

(f) Homosexuality then is another deliberate irrationality (ultimately) which can begin w. honest ignorance--esp. if the victim is brought-up beginning as small child within a queer-friendly environment.

(g) Satanic culture/society then proceeds down to specific details, always irrational--for example, when I got on the bus today, I spotted a sign on a seat, "dedicated to Rosa Parks," the communist nigger of the 50s.  For what's the purpose to such "dedication" to such communist filth?--it's there simply to foment racial hatred and conflict, pure and simple.

(h) Communism is obvious satanic program/system and ideal.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Thus we see such satanism proceeds in detail and in general based upon irrationalist principles--deliberately, on the part of the satanist and Jew masterminds, un-wittingly for the over-populated stupid scum which proliferate naturally during times of economic prosperity and come to dominate, leading then to inevitable cultural decline within the historical CYCLE, as of Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."

Note then how difficult, as presently, it is to dealing w. this satanism as it became established, the Fed COUNTERFEIT system still going strong, buying everything and everyone--but it's unfortunately necessary as the inferiors and weaklings must be eliminated--such is the CYCLIC process of objective, determined, Aristotelian reality, one is constrained to conclude and observe, difficult as it is.

And note this satanism isn't "good" or "evil," it's rather NECESSARY and inevitable function and condition of reality which can only be dealt with by means of human reason, Christian honesty ("Holy Spirit"), and respect/reverence for almighty TRUTH which is God (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, again), never forget.

Thus the magnificent virtue of dear Christianity, an ALLEGORIC manner/method of otherwise difficult-to-grasp philosophy which affords hope for the common people who aren't otherwise able to either grasp or learn in formal manner the strictly logical precepts by which such programmatic irrationality (satanism) can be observed and counter-acted.

And thus we see how the satanists, esp. by means of their COUNTERFEITING scam had to take control of the establishment Christian Churches in order to mis-construe the real, proper Christianity--to detract and divert fm the necessary, primary virtue of TRUTH, pretending it (the primary virtue) is something else, like love, "faith" (which only properly means LOYALTY, again) peace, or non-existent, hereticalist "good."

Satanism then, is the ultimate power of LIES, at root, hubristic worship of subjectivism against the TRUTH dependent upon the objective (hence determined) reality.


  1. Do you think that God will intercede on our behalf before evil takes total and complete control?

    Or is it possible he has washed his hands of us for our ungratefulness and not heeding the words of Jesus and instead allowing the evil of Christian Zionism to displace true Christianity?

  2. Comrade: u didn't even bother to read my text--why waste people's time w. such moronic questions as u post above? There's NO "evil," moron.

    And when a dumb-ass like u talks about "...washed his hands of us...," u're speaking rather as a stupid kike of the Old Test. who imagines the people are judged collectively, NOT as individuals. U urself really have no idea of "true Christianity" which is simply worship of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).