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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Satanism, along w. Fed COUNTERFEITING, is at the root of ZOG going after guns, the queers dominating

The Rise & Reign Of Satanism In The Hyper-Inflationary State, Suckers
(Apollonian, 27 Dec 12)

Satanism (co-ordinated, organized psychopathology as we see now fm ZOG and Jew World Order) thrives most, as we see now, when criminals rule the society as we see the Fed COUNTERFEITERS (see for expo/ref. on the US Federal Reserve Bank) now rule the USA so absolutely--perfect example is recent Sandy Hook murders/abductions (see

For observe the masses of money which must be marshalled to control specific, staged events.  The Sandy Hook incident had to have been planned a long, long time in advance--all the mass Jews-media and the police agencies had to be controlled, and this takes moolah, suckas.  Observe the pig (excuse me, police-officer) who warned the public about mis-info on the social-media sites.

And I remember during the news-conference w. the Sandy Hook med. examiner (Mr. "Carver," ho ho), w. the cops all standing around--someone asked a question, I think about 2nd or 3rd shooters, and the cops all yelled back, "that's incorrect."  "Incorrect"?--note then the pt. for the cops wasn't regarding the actual truth or accuracy of the info; it was rather the style and styling of the info--"correctness"--as in political correctness.

Note how powerful queers have become within ZOG.  Thus homosexuality (which is an obsession, hence sickness, don't forget) is encouraged and excused by the gov. and establishment, repeated over the Jews-media.  And consider the queers now so well and easily controlled and organized by the satanists, the queers so willing to follow anti-Christ direction.

So get the word out about this satanist putridity, fellow soldiers of Christ.  It isn't mere random criminality we're suffering--it's full-out satanism fueled by huge masses of their COUNTERFEITED funds.  And the sooner the people are informed, the greater the confidence they will resume.

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