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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Get a clue morons: USA is controlled by outright SATANISTS--Jews and their accomplices

Why Christianity As Necessary Solution?--Because It's Anti-Semitic, Properly Understood--And Don't Forget It's SATANISM (Not Only Kikes) That Rules USA
(Apollonian, 9 Dec 12)

Observe a negroid State Senator fm Illinois, Donne Trotter, was caught w. a gun in his baggage when he tried to go through TSA ck-pt. before boarding a flight in Chicago (evidently)--see

Pt. of course is that Trotter is "vehement" advocate of gun-control--so what do u think is going to happen to Trotter?  I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE Trotter WILL GET OFF W. SUSPENDED SENTENCE (or perhaps even less).  Why?--because obviously we're in hands of SATANISTS (read Jews, but they also have numerous accomplices among the goyim) who so completely control this country. 

Trotter will be REWARDED for his hypocrisy--get it?--u poor stupid, fools.

See, the satanic powers that control don't really too much care if u carry a gun--as long (if u're politician) as u vote against the freedom and rights of citizens to bear such arms--now do u begin to "getting it"?  Trotter has done yeoman's work for the satanists (and kikes), and he will be duly treated for setting such a sterling example of hypocrisy.

Thus one begins to confirm the basic problem of USA is satanism and kikes (a redundancy, actually) who control it and thus their accomplices and dupes among gentiles.

Accomplices are homosexuals, leftists, communists, et al., and the dupes who "believe" in "global warming," for example.  But largest group of enablers of these kikes and satanists are the "Judeo-Christians" (see below note).

So WHO are BY FAR the largest group of dupes?--THEY'RE "CHRISTIANS," morons, specifically "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo)--and that's why the only prospective way to attempt to trying to save USA is by means of Christianity, the real thing (which is anti-semitic, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44), in order to counter-act the phony and false "Christianity" which sooooo horrifically prevails presently and enables kikes.

Thus we see the sublime Jew enablers of VNN (Vanguard News Network) who EQUATE Christianity and Judaism, pretending they're same thing, mis-representing Christianity for its real nature and meaning.

"Christian Identity" (CI) does a similar thing as JCs, the CI now merely trying to REPLACE the Jews as "God's chosen."

Thus Christianity stands for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as per Gosp. JOHN 14:6 against Jew lies--this is the basic Hegelian anti-thesis, truth vs. lies, symbolized so readily and well by our dear Christianity.

And anyone seriously pretending or aspiring to patriotism needs to get hip to this necessary Christian imperative and orientation--it's absolutely essential.

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