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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Satanic Network/Complex analyzed further, JCs Key, Christian reason/objectivity vs. Satanic subjectivism/lies

The Satanic Network/Complex Analyzed, Continued--"Judeo-Christian" Hereticalist/Traitor Scum KEY
(Apollonian, 26 Dec 12)

The satanists (absolute cold-blooded killers) are both Jew and gentile, gentiles needed and well-used for camouflage, but commanded and led by kikes, necessarily--as kikes control the money (like the Federal Reserve Bank--see for expo/ref.) which is the main, primary weapon at the moment--absolute blood-thirsty, psychopathic mass-murderers, as we've seen at Sandy Hook (also Syria).

Doubt this satanism?--and the absolute, utter stupidity of the goyim morons who allow it to exist?--well, just ask urself if the Sandy-Hook interpolation in the Batman movie (see below blogs) has even been brought-up, not to mention explained in satisfactory manner.  Of course it hasn't been brought-up--that's the satanic contempt they have for us.

So the satanists are at the active tip (the killers at Sandy Hook, the master-minds behind present Syrian invasion, funding al-qaeda, ho ho, etc.), buttressed most immediately by the rest of the kikes (the foot-soldiers among them, u know--like that stupid punk, who's really more a "Judeo-Christian" [JC--see and for expo/ref. on JCs] who thinks he's sooooo smart, Alex Jones []), of course, but these kikes then are supported at the very base of things by those incredible stupid puke, the JCs.

The JCs, stupid and so utterly contemptible as they are, intimidate the rest of the Christians, u see, all establishment Christianity funded by the kikes, the Fed, etc.

So in a distinct way and manner, note the JC puke and scum are themselves supported by the rest of the absolutely, abjectly STUPID "Christian"-styled filth, esp. the half-baked puke who barely know even what Christianity is all about--or SUPPOSED to being all about--like idiotic "good," "faith" (esp. in way of "beleeeeeeeeevin'" by way of thereupon making it [whatever is "believed"] come true), peace, or idiotic love.

So the satanist puke are then directed by the kike masterminds and money-power fm above, supported then most immediately by the "leftist" kikes, goyim puke, and queers, these supported by the mass of kikes and, finally, at the base, the JC hereticalist scum and traitors who support the Israeli terror-state and say Christ was Jew, these JCs intimidating the rest of all the "Christians."

But there's more, never doubt--as this satanist puke works in other ways too.  For example, EVEN AMONG the outward "anti-semites" are such as "white-nationalists" (WNs--like Vanguard News Network [VNN]) who work to define WN-ism as also anti-nonwhite, thus soooo brilliantly keeping the anti-semites among gentiles opposed and fighting one another.

For all gentiles must coalesce and unite in anti-semitic manner in way of original Christians behind St. Constantine the Great of early 4th cent., and the Jew-funded WNs work to prevent this gentile unity.  These stupid WN scum thus push anti-Christianity, pretending Christianity is mere variation/version of the same original Judaism (as in way of anti-rationalist "faith" and "beleeeeeeeeeeeeevin'").

Hence and thus we see absolute necessity of understanding Christianity for what it REALLY is: worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all, above idiot "faith" and love, peace and "good." 

For there is no "good" as everything happens according to will of God, necessarily.  And "peace" only means personal, internal peace within the individual.  "Love" then similarly refers to the cohesion/attraction of anti-semitic forces of rationality and Christ--DEATH to satan.

Thus we see the JCs are the fundamental and KEY glue and concrete to all this great Jew-satanist complex, holding it all together.  Beyond the JCs is only the general hubris, corruption, and gross, pathetic ignorance and stupidity--but we must NEVER lose heart, always preaching most patiently Christian truth and reason for most potent enlightenment.

The trick to remember is that strict reason is not too easy for most people, generally (that's why Christianity began in allegory and even "parable," as Christ demonstrated, this to be transmitted most directly to all the people)--thus we often come-up to forms of Christianity lacking fullest reason, styled often in rather mystic kind of manner, but this isn't necessarily bad, ineffective (for Christ's real message) or contemptible long as it isn't ANTI-reason.

CONCLUSION: Rationalists must quite often translate things, as in way of guidance, for these otherwise good and productive people in their own terms--THIS sort of "translation" is presently very much our own task: Christianity is ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-lies, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44) first and most.  And Christian TRUTH means REASON (objectivity) pre-eminently vs. lies, subjectivism, and anti-reason, mere mysticism not being necessarily anti-reason.

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