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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jew-friendly "JR" continues w. Jew-friendly nonsense

Below-copied essays by ap first published at comments,

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JR Mis-Represents Science, Philosophy
(Apollonian, 5 May 16)

JR: I think it would be best to consider Jew S A captured, conquered land, like the old Roman empire, the people infected w. horrific HUBRIS, Jews-media enabled thus to run various, numerous psy-ops by which the hubristic morons are affected, intimidated, and rather led by proverbial "noses."

Certainly, a captured nation is how we Christians consider the situation, and like in old Roman empire we need a Christian revolution--a real, genuine "revival." Hubris (satanism/subjectivism, given pretext by "good-evil") must be replaced, once again, by the objective reality, Christ = Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

For observe how the corrupt and criminal enterprise of central-banking fought it all out through the yrs and finally prevailed in 1913 Federal Reserve Act. Prior American history (to 1913) was very much about the real money vs. "currency" issue, and after adoption of US Constitution, first Bank of US (BUS) initiated in 1791 by Hamilton, which Jefferson protested.

U say (above): "The so-called "bad guys" seem to be better at everything...," but what do u expect if they ("bad guys") are enabled to literally printing-up practically all the currency (not real "money") they need to now owning and controlling all politicians, judges, bureaucrats, etc., w. only very few exceptions?

Thus the Jewwy (w. masonic, homosexual, and hereticalist Christian-Zionist [supporters of Israel] allies) criminals prevailed and conquered, and humanity was left only w. hope that the top master-minds would fall-out w. one another upon principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

For don't forget at least two of Trump's children are married to kikes, the daughter actually having apostatized, joining the Christ-killers (truth-killers).

Regarding metaphysics ("first philosophy," as Aristotle called it), u must note that all reasoning must begin w. ASSUMPTIONS which cannot be proven, merely assumed. For otherwise u have problem of infinite regress and circular reasoning. And the two basic assumptions u have to choose fm, which cannot be proven, are (a) objective reality, or (b) subjectivism--as Aristotle noted. For subjectivism reduces to absurd, anything goes. Only objective reality provides a criterion for TRUTH (= Christ). Christ is symbol/character for this truth premise/principle.

FM objectivity u get law of identity (A = A) and then non-contradiction, foundation of logic. Thus all science is necessarily and by definition founded upon the objectivity premise, and no possible or conceivable "science" could contradict or disprove--u're just going for "quantum physics" nonsense.

But most people (like u, JR, evidently) have greatest difficulty w. this strict logic and philosophy, and that's why so many rely upon aesthetics and literature as we have fm New Testament with which such literature u have such great difficulty as u're soooo endlessly terrified by Jews, so afraid to speaking truth about Jew murderers and psychopaths who follow their anti-human religion of war, worshipping a war-god. We all marvel at ur continuing, insane anti-Christ obsession and refusal to facing-up to truth and facts of reality and history.

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