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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Alexei Jones ( and Trump are mere dissidents against rival (leftist, world-gov.) Jews, never doubt; patriots must make most of it, noting the thematic satanism....

The File On Alexei Jones: Limited Hangout Artist, Shill For Jews And Satanists
(Apollonian, 10 May 16)

Who's Alexei Jones (, and how does he work for Jews/satanists? Note Alexei does outstanding work, both in general AND for Jews and satanists--how does this happen?

First, Alexei is quite good, even brilliant for many if not most of the specific facts and details of ZOG's mass-murder and program thereof, BUT his obvious and horrendous problem is the overall, under-lying philosophy by which he pretends to organize it all, for he utterly mis-characterizes the satanic problem, thus providing cover for his precious clients, Jews, leaders of satanism. See expo on Judaism/Talmudism at,, and

For note and observe how Alexei gives-out w. the real facts about agenda-21 and deliberate on-going genocide of "population reduction." Alexei details the toxic vaccines and toxic prescription drugs which are pushed and un-Constitutionally enforced by courts and bureaucrats, and that's not all. Alexei talks about lots other stuff too, like GMOs, chem-trails, and the Child protection svc racket, the funding and arming of ISIS terrorists, who then trigger invasion of white Christian lands in Europe and Jew S A. But notice then how he works for satanism and leaders of satanism, Jews. See Alexei debate David Duke on subject of Jews at

For if the essence of satanism is extreme subjectivism, reality mere image presented by consciousness/mentality (thus making the subject into God, creator of reality), then the pretext for this subjectivism is moralism/Pharisaism, the fallacious, delusionary, non-existent "good-evil," pretext in turn to self-righteousness, which sanctimony Alexei himself is gross, putrid exemplar. Thus Alexei pushes the idea of a perfectly "free" human will, further pretext to satanism and hence control by foremost organized satanists, Jews. And such "good-evil" Pharisaism is aside fm Alexei's well-known hysterics in defense of Jews, as noted.

Thus we see the sublime manner in which the anti-ZOG, anti-satanic cause is undermined and subverted by means of lies and subtle liars and moralists like Alexei, even if he doesn't acknowledge and wouldn't admit such pro-Jew bias--even when he gets so many of the details right, as we note. For Alexei really seems, no less than Glenn Beck, to being thoroughly convinced for his sanctimony and Pharisaism. And observe Alexei's rather gross habit for interrupting his guests; Alexei Jones, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly--they're all the same for their brainless narcissism.

Thus Alexei effectively pushes idea there are good satanists, as in way of "good" Jews, and even Donald Trump is part of the same, basic Jew-oriented, Jew-serving gang of master-minds at the top, his kids married to kikes, his daughter having even apostatized. So the political battle remains within the camp of Jews and satanists, Trump and Jones merely speaking for the dissident Jews--at least Jones exposes the explicit, obvious and satanic genocide by means of treachery above noted.

And of course, note this falling-out among the established masterminds is only way the satanists could have been opposed once they gained absolute control, having installed their trained monkey, Obola. Some of the lower-level Jews, now led by Trump, evidently got nervous, scared they would be next for elimination. For there's "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES." Patriots must make most of things now, making specific note of the satanic nature and character, satanists obviously then led by Jews and no other.

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