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Sunday, May 8, 2016

People, stupid as they may be, must begin to facing-up to the grim logic of things....

It's Trump Or Bushes: Who Will Kill Who?
(Apollonian, 8 May 16)

Folks must face-up to reality: satanic Jew World Order is cracking-up, splintering, rupturing, like falling-apart, and never forget, if u rebel against the king, u MUST KILL the king. For if u don't kill the king, he'll continue to come-back, and he WILL kill u when he does (come back). Thus Trump must deal w. the Bush problem--he's got to be careful who he chooses for VP lest the VP tries to kill him, like Bush did Reagan back in '81. After all, Bush had already helped LBJ murder JFK back in '63, and Rafael Cruz, father to the recent senatorial candidate for Pres. fm Tex., who just flubbed-out, was right there w. Lee Harvey Oswald w. front-row seat--THAT'S the real reason lying-Ted suddenly dropped-out, no doubt.

Thus it was inevitable the satanic Jew world order would suffer its own HUBRIS, due to its phenomenal success, and the master-minds would fall-out w. one another, all this on principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

For observe it got down to a choice btwn killing all the gentiles--"population-reduction," according to Agenda-21--or preserving a good many of them, at least for the moment--after all, Jews have done well w. their lovely and loyal gentile slaves, beginning w. the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) heretics who don't care if fellow Christians in Palestine and other places in Mid-East are mass-murdered at hands of their Jew pay-masters.

And of course, Trump has to make it look like he's willing to work w. Bushes, willing to consider a running-mate fm their camp, ho ho ho. But otherwise, Trump surely knows he must be absolutely careful--and Bushes GOT TO GO--after being given fair trials, of course. And along w. Bushes, Clintons have to go, as does Obola too.

For we always knew it was hopeless if left to mere devices of the people all by themselves--they're just tooooo stupid, maybe not all of them, but there are just too many stupid scum in comparison to the genuinely good people who are left. There had to be (a) total victory of Jew world order, as we saw by Obola's election--a baboon taking office of Pres. of Jew S A--and then after the total victory, (b) the realization of the conspirators, esp. those on lower end of proverbial "Totem pole," that they might be next for extermination--like the Russkies on Stalin's old Politburo must have thought.

And so now we have Trump, who, amazingly, has done the job, psychologically and politically, having out-maneuvered the Bushes as we see. Trump had to go far in his efforts, don't doubt, as he finally had to say it: "America first!"--thus the end of the Jew world order idea and total removal of borders, etc.--hard to see how Bushes can possibly recover short of decisive DEATH of Trump. And even if Trump is killed, by whatever means, Bushes will still have to worry the people will come-up w. someone else similar to Trump for his willingness to entertaining serious amounts of truth.

And the people, infinitely stupid as they are, must be aware: basically Trump starts out as one of them--the Jew world order, never doubt--there was no other way it could have happened. Don't forget Trump's daughter apostatized her religion to become a filthy Christ-killer. It's just the lower-ranking master-minds, like Trump, despite all their hubris, got too nervous, too scared, worried they'd be next for liquidation, as noted above. Don't forget the old Shah of Iran thought he was in tight--like Kaddafi of Libya back in 2011, like the Saudis today, as they nervously realize Bushes, Obola, et al., are planning to remove them, thus obviating the trillions in US debt owed to them (Saudis). Life sucks (Greek Tragedy, u know).

Life is war, after all, and it's dog-eat-dog, never doubt--esp. for Jews and these master-minds. Trump just has to keep consistent for the grim logic he's so far pursued.

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