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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Things are really simple when u analyze--we're fighting very same EXACT war fought in 1860s....

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

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South: Risen Again!
(Apollonian, 29 May 16)

"This country WILL BE DESTROYED if we do not change our course." -JR, fm above text

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JR: the country is ALREADY destroyed, gone w. the proverbial "wind," get a clue. US Dollar is good as GONE as "reserve currency," Chinese now introducing gold-backed Yuan. USA was destroyed back in the 1860s w. the mass-murder of white folk of the south, including the death of up to a million blacks, don't forget.

And we're fighting the very EXACT same struggle that was waged back then 150 yrs ago--states rights and sovereignty will do the trick for people's rights, and Trump is the instrument of that cause, he standing for national sovereignty against Jew world order dictatorship and AGENDA-21 genocide.

Thus the struggle is against satanism, extreme subjectivism, which is given pretext by means of moralism of the very same sort of "good-evil" as u spout, buddy.

So it's such as u who's the problem, don't doubt. U don't seem to be an avowed satanist, but u do their work, as I note, willing dupe and useful idiot as I've extensively described and pains-takingly analyzed.

So u see, the great cultural struggle is fought first, and perhaps most, by small numbers of people at the POLAR ends of the political spectrum, both ends composed of small minorities, the crux of the struggle to be decided by the folks in the middle, LIKE U, u so clouded for ur anti-American (anti-Christian) vision and deluded upon this moralism/Pharisaism u are presently so mindlessly addicted to.

U've got to cure urself of this anti-Christian insanity of urs and learn to come to terms w. Christian culture for what it is. U don't have to be a Christian; FIRST, u have to see what it really, truly is--a philosophy, genuine, real, and verifiable--not merely this idiotic "religious" something u brainlessly imagine is not proven or provable. For such an impractical and actually patronizing attitude towards fellow citizens is not tenable--get a clue.

Historically, note Christianity REPLACED the Homeric ideals of the ancient Greeks--just ask urself what role and function did the Homeric Ideals serve and provide? Why and how then did Christianity succeed in that replacement?

And note regardless what I say, u can easily look for urself and grasp that cultural transition actually did take place. So it's not like u have to take my word for anything significant.

And by understanding that cultural/historical transition, u can place the present political dichotomy btwn the nationalist Trump vs. "globalist" (as Ajax Jones of likes to say)--it's simple continuation of EXACT same basic conflict of the 1860s, I submit. The South will rise again, by golly.

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