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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Don't u get it?--world is wayyyy, far too much over-populated--w. puke, filth, metro-sexuals and queers, even kikes too, SOOOOOOOO--what?--there's gotta be BIG kill-off, die-off....

Objectivity Vs. Subjectivism: Key Is Christian/Rationalist Leadership For Fools In "Middle"
(Apollonian, 8 Jun 16)

Folks, isn't it obvious?--there's just toooooo much puke, and tooooooooo many "people," so-called. Look at all the queers, kikes, and metro-sexual filth, and scum. So SOMETHING has to happen, eh?

What's happened?--well, u have the ascendancy of satanism--extreme subjectivism, these subjectivists organized and collectivized, esp. by Jews, foremost satanists. Of course full-out satanists are minority, but so are the anti-satanists (true Christians, rationalists). Most of the poor saps and suckers are those we find in the so-called "middle," dumbasses and cowards--esp. that puke who are totally terrified of kikes, poor pieces-of-excrement.

So if humanity is to survive, then they must organize in accord w. this satanism understood as the specific problem, analyzed as such, the leaders of humanity grasping the objective counter-principle to this subjectivism/Satanism.

Of course, this objective understanding will need be sold through an emotional meme, and the best is our dear, traditional Christianity, Christ = truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--this is the ticket.

But it means that "Christians" must make the effort to understanding this about truth (a), then (b) truth meaning the objective reality, God-given, being the necessary basis for such truth. Lies then are founded upon mere subjectivism pretending to objectiveness--subjectivism pretending to being the real thing.

The more organized, collectivist subjectivists (Jews, especially) then will win and rule in a psychoticized, confused, and terrorized society filled w. random satanists, but who are nihilists and not organized, along w. half-baked objectivistic sort, but who are un-organized.

Thus do the organized, collectivist satanists pursue so intensively their war against Christianity, the real thing (and don't forget there are lots of phony "Christians"--like the ones who support Israel), and the objective view of reality and people so thinking/understanding. The key is in the masses of people in the afore-mentioned "middle," who need that forthright Christian and rationalist leadership.

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