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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ajax Jones of spreading cognitive dissonance and dis-info, again, limited-hangout for kikes, as usual....

Ajax Jones Tells Jew S A, World: Terror Problem Is Sharia Law--Not Kikes, Let's Not Go There
(Apollonian, 15 Jun 16)

Well Ajax Jones of comes-out today w. guest, Phil Haney, at 1:45:00 mins into his show, 15 Jun 16 (see, who tell us Sharia law is essence of the terrorist problem for Jew S A--of course not kikes and that organized satanism kikes lead, organize, and control--Jones doesn't want to talk about that, fat-headed, hill-billy piece-of-excrement.

It's true Islam is built upon COMMAND, something of a throw-back to the original Torah law, evidently, which Christ then re-stated and clarified, but emphasized how it (Torah) is essentially founded upon reason and the objective reality, God-given, this in contrast to lying Pharisees who say "truth," to extent it exists, is merely what rabbis say it is, SUBJECTIVISM. Islam simply says u must "beleeeeeev" and obey commands of Allah as given through his prophet, Muhammed, and if u don't so obey u'll be executed.

So the problem then is how the Islamists are being flooded into the West, not only Jew S A, allowed to control their own "no-go" areas, invading and taking-over formerly Western lands fm which they plot futher strategy, the goal being world dictatorship and Agenda-21 genocide.

Only by understanding place of Jews and their satanic allies can possibly explain this subversive and traitorous activity, making use of Moooslims. And it's well-known both al-Qaeda and ISIS are exclusive creations of CIA, MOSSAD, MI-6, and the Saudi and Pakistani intelligence agencies, all colluding together, along w. FBI, etc.

Of course, Ajax Jones says, "it's 'globalists'," but who are the "globalists"?--they're satanists led by Jews--which Jews it's Jones' job to distract fm and run interference for--this is what's going on, folks.

So Jones plays the "good-Jew, bad-Jew" game--just a variation of same old "good-cop, bad-cop." But there's no good-Jews any more than there are "good" psychopaths, see, also

And of course, Trump himself (and Ron Paul too) is in w. Jones and "good" kikes--but it's only game we patriots have--to supporting the in-fighting and dissension among the master-minds of ZOG who absolutely dominate.

Good and useful thing about Trump is he pt.s-out how Obola and hitlery built ISIS, simple, easy-to-understand truth, easily substantiated, already well-known. But further, Trump is useful as he opposes world gov., championing national sovereignty--which all then harkens back to the stand taken by heroic Southerners of old Confederate States of America, all power properly coming fm people and local gov., the state having only DELEGATED powers, original USA made by states just as southerners (and 10th Amendment) always held and still hold.

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