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Monday, June 20, 2016

People under-estimate what fat-head hill-billy, Ajax Jones (, does for top satanists: creating most sublime, hence effective COGNITIVE DISSONANCE....

Why/How Top Satanists (Jews) LOVE Ajax Jones ( Sublime Cognitive Dissonance
(Apollonian, 20 Jun 16)

Having watched Ajax Jones ( now for 5-6 yrs, every show, all the way through, every day (except Saturdays, of course), I feel I know the piece-of-crap quite well, too well. Of course, Ajax pretends he's "patriot" and "Christian," but actually we all know he works for Jews, limited hang-out for kikes, pretending, insisting hey, there are "good" Jews, like there are good psychopaths, etc.

And the kikes love Ajax--but the great question is WHY--HOW does it work, this great satanic attraction for Jones?--WHAT does Ajax do for them? And the answer is Jones thus induces that most sublime, necessary, and essential COGNITIVE DISSONANCE--how then does this dissonance work? And it's very simple: first, Ajax is good for certain specific issues, like guns and the poison vaccines and fluoride in the water. Ajax is also good as he notes ZOG, Obola, hitlery, and Bushes before them, all BUILT ISIS and al-Qaeda. So we see Jones is so effective as he BEGINS w. fairly simple issues, ostensibly attractive to so many.

Thus Ajax begins and works at the level of SPECIFIC ISSUES, at the CONCRETE level of intellect, seeming to make quite a lot of sense. But regardless, Ajax always then contrives to concluding to Jew-friendly and Jew-serving larger abstractions, esp. now in way of pre-conceptions, like perfectly "free" human will, non-existent "good-evil," and the Platonic view of reality, including the "cave" allegory for Platonic epistemology ("skeptic" theory of knowledge) which ignores the Aristotelian discussion of founding assumptions regarding objective reality.

Such then is the basic technique of Ajax Jones: ostensive emphasis upon basic concrete instances and issues, but always eventual emphasizing and concluding to the Jew-serving, Jew-friendly conclusions and larger abstractions. Thus Ajax Jones makes use of particular concrete instances for pushing the satanic ideals, hubris, perfectly "free" human will, and non-existent "good-evil," classic, necessary pretexts for satanism, extreme subjectivism, making oneself God.

For most people cannot grasp basic metaphysics built necessarily upon assumptions, the basic choice being btwn (a) objective reality, hence Christiantiy, the real thing, featuring truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), Christian truth founded upon the God-given, hence objective reality, or (b) satanist extreme subjectivism--whatever one wants, one making oneself God, like Jews, Jews always the leaders of satanism (as they're MOST ORGANIZED), esp. by means of Cabala, fm "Zohar." See,, and for expo on Judaism, Talmud, etc.

For Ajax Jones, despite all the particular issues, Jews are always "good" w. only few exceptions, no diff. fm gentiles, Jones ending in pushing all the typical, classic Jew lies and prop., including holohoax (see,, and for expo on holohoax), defending Israeli/Jew invasion of Palestine and gross, bloody expropriation of Palestinian land, etc., Jews the epitome of illegal invaders which Jones covers-up for Jews.

Note other things about Ajax Jones, defending gays, which gays are notorious dupes of satanism and Jews, and Jones denouncing "racism," another instance of cognitive dissonance, making "racism" a buzz-word, racism being actually virtue of loyalty, according to dictionary, etc.

And Jones further confuses the "Christian" issue, naturally, pretending Christianity is just a version/variation of the same Judaism which killed Christ and gloats over death of Christ, etc., Jones confusing great diff. btwn Judeans and Jews, Jews followers of Pharisees, Pharisee sect only leading maybe 5% of pop. of Judea at time of Christ.

So we see why/how Jews and satanists love and cherish their dear little hill-billy, Ajax Jones, who always concludes in Jew-serving, hence satanist fashion, foremost and master proponent of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE for weaklings, fools, and half-baked "patriots" who are suckered-in by means of the specific issues, as noted, which Jones treats so well as he does, in such detail, w. such passion and emotion, really, truly beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin' as he does, so attractive to the fools and morons. And sure, Ajax himself truly believes in his miserably compromised "philosophy," including his idiot, satanic, Jew-serving "Christianity"--he makes too much money fm Jews to even beginning to suspect his absurdity and delusion. Reality is what u make it, according to Ajax.

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