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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Problem of satanism demonstrated within Jew S A--people are satanic without admitting, without even really knowing it....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Strange Anti-Christ Criteria, Circumstances Of JR's Criticism
(Apollonian, 15 May 16)

After all, JR tells us himself: "I get very frustrated discussing anything with anybody...," fm above--his own words and admission. Why is that, JR?--is it because u have contempt for the culture of the native Christian people?--to extent of lying about and mis-representing Christian religion?

Then, u pretend to invoking what u insist are the ideals of Christ and Christianity, complaining people don't act accordingly, ho ho hoho--question is, HOW would u know?--what are those ideals?--after u've done ur best heaping as much contempt as u can muster upon those supposed ideals?--even claiming those ideals aren't clear fm text of New Test.

So u see, JR, it's hard to see HOW u call urself "American," buddy. U're actually a traitor and enemy as u mis-represent Christianity, the Christian culture, and the Christian people.

U can't even agree upon the satanic (extreme subjectivistic) nature of the corrupted culture now prevailing, u pretending u're not "religious," evidently, when we see u absolutely are (religious)--fanatical anti-Christ as u prove urself to being.

No wonder u won't admit to the satanic corruption, right?--for u actually relate quite a bit w. anti-Christ satanists. Further, u practice this satanism urself for ur lying and anti-Christ relating w. the enemies of Christianity and culture, esp. for Jews, leaders of satanism, though of course, u don't say u're satanist urself, right?

So my thesis is demonstrated quite well, I think: U'RE EXEMPLARY PART OF THE PROBLEM, JR, enemy/foe/opponent of Christian ideals, culture, and people--though u really don't understand those Christian ideals, even as u hypocritically invoke them, complaining people don't practice them, which u (a) know nothing about, and (b) reject as fallacious and un-real. Ho ho ho ho ho

So u're quite a piece-of-work, eh, JR?--traitor, liar, and psycho, willing dupe and useful idiot for satanists, pretending people should listen to ur "criticisms."

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