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Saturday, May 21, 2016

satanic dupe, useful idiot perfect microcosm of the larger cultural problem, Jew S A in grip of satanism, hubris....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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JR: Perfect Micro-Cosmic Picture Of USA Madness, Hubris In Grip Of Satanism
(Apollonian, 21 May 16)

"The South is doomed unless they fix some problems. First - they need to be get past their absolutism regarding religious principles- listening to reason for a change . One way or another. Don't get on my ass about saying "religious" because I mean it the way we understand it to be - a religious person here in this article you are reading , is a person that simply believes without proof. That is religion and it seems to be the root of all evil." -JR, fm above

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Religion is simply integrating conscious w. subconscious--ck a dictionary. "Believing without proof" is insanity and satanism, and it's what u do, JR, regarding Christianity, lying so insanely, obsessively, and fanatically as u do about dear Christianity, cultural basis of US law which law u pretend u follow and champion, psychotic liar as u are, denigrating the proper foundation of US law.

And it's u, JR, who refuses to reason, as regarding religion, Christianity, and many other things as I've pt'd out numerous times.

And what's ur problem regarding Jew S A?--it's in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," the people submerged in hubris and satanistic subjectivism. Is it any wonder the law and rule thereof is breaking down?

I thus submit: (a) US suffers due to satanist subjectivism which destroys rule-of-law which has and had been built upon Christian culture of truth (= Christ, see Gosp. JOHN 14:6) built upon objective (God-given) reality.

(b) But now in Spenglerian "Decline of the west," Jew S A and West submerged in subjectivism, hubris, and satanism, thus destruction of Christian culture, hence destruction of law, (c) JR demonstrating, practicing, and exuding that very satanism and lying, as about Christianity, overlooking satanism and his own satanic lying (as about Christianity), along w. other things, like religion and what it is.

For we see JR's religion of satanic, psychotic, obsessive, and fanatical anti-Christianity by which he lies about Christianity and the nature of religion, what "religion" really is, etc., JR imagining his lies are truth, as about Christianity and religion. No wonder the law suffers in Jew S A. There are lots of people like JR, suffering that satanic hubris.

And no wonder USA suffers in Spenglerian "Decline...," submerged in psychoticism, as of JR's, satanism, and lies, lies, lies, not to mention criminality and fraud, the people fooling themselves in their gross hubris--like JR's, pretending he's "good" and "morally virtuous," lying, hubristic fool, but who mainly fools himself. JR is the microcosm of hubris and satanism which be-devils former USA, now Jew S A, going down....

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