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Friday, September 18, 2015

satanism makes use of every, any tactic (including equivocation) to hide, confuse, and obfuscate--now abstract and induction are called "spiritual," truth and justice called "medieval"....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Induction, Logic, Truth, And Justice Not Merely "Medieval": Deflection By Means Of Equivocation--Abstract Now Called "Spiritual"
(Apollonian, 18 Sep 15)

These above (see below-copied), by "anonymous," at Sep 17, are all BLATANT LIES. "satanism" is perfectly defined, and it isn't mere "epistemologic opinion"--it's plain, obvious, perfectly demonstrable fact which has gotten significant attn. in present-day "hip-hop" music and entertainment, just as I noted, and one can well ck the u-tube vids on the subject, as I observed and referred.

Fetzer and the entire "truther movement" are absolutely HORRIFIC failures for this over-looking of blatant, plain satanism. And such GROSS FAILURE is refusal to face Forest of truth in the stead of diverting, distracting and mis-direction upon particulars, ignoring the large satanic FOREST for mere trees of minutiae.

Then we get this "Medieval" LIE. Obviously, the truth exists not only for "modern" as medieval, and there's distinct portion of truth existing for medieval no less than for modern.

Overall then, one must observe the pathetic and deceptive nature of the criticism of "anonymous" and his comments, just above--he's covering for this satanism by means of gross, obvious lies and lying, but especially by EQUIVOCATION.

What then does the commenter mean by "spiritual experience" and "-knowledge"?--merely that abstraction and induction as I indicate which now the commenter tries to DEFLECT as "spiritual."

So now is it merely "spiritual" by which hitlery Clinton is held to be immune fm the prosecution done to numerous whistle-blowers and esp. Gen. Petraeus on grounds of "nat. security"?

And it gets down to Jews and zionists who are held to be immune fm prosecution and blame for blatant acts of mass-murder, treason, and criminality on precisely these subjectivistic pretexts--now called "spiritual."

Thus the commenter actually demonstrates my case for the "OUTRAGEOUS" nature of the conspiracy, striving to mask the inductive, general, and abstract behind what he calls "spiritual," simply another case of DEFLECTION by means of EQUIVOCATION--using a word, like "spiritual," to conceal and confuse--another instance of the very satanic strategy that's at issue and question.

-----------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------

Anonymous September 17, 2015 at 9:42 PM

Satan refers to supersensible entities who aren't perceptible to the physical senses. Fetzer does philosophy, not spiritual science. Extreme subjectivism is an epistemological opinion. Fetzer is surprised by the trend in America because he's agnostic. "The meaning and nature of Satanism" requires a spiritual science. Satanism requires a new meaning based on spiritual experience and spiritual knowledge. Fetzer already has done very hard work and to ctiticize him for not recognizing spiritual beings and forces is very one-sided. To assert Fetzer lacks thinking mobility in logical operation is a caricature, false flag by the accuser who is medieval, not modern.

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