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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Philosophy must do its proper duty for the people in analyzing 9/11 consp.--it REALLY WAS "outrageous"--which Bush, the perp., desperately wants us not to see....

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Fetzer's Failure At Philosophy, Induction
(Apollonian, 12 Sep 15)

Fetzer doesn't do badly for his grasp of the particulars and details of 9/11; where/how he fails as philosopher is his inability to generalize, induction.

For 9/11 is a great satanistic conspiracy, a great psy-ops, this "satanism" understood in practical, verifiable, down-to-earth fashion, EXTREME SUBJECTIVISM, by which the subject holds reality to be mere issuance or projection of one's own mentality/consciousness.

Thus one hubristically makes oneself God, the creator of reality--satanism by "text-book" definition, as it were. Note this satanism then is quite understandable, not mystic or obscure at all--quite scientific, in fact, for clarity.

Thus we see the cultural subjectivism expressed quite plainly, for one thing, in way of hitlery Clinton's gross, blatant criminality for her e-mail behavior against that of Gen. Petraeus for just one example; there are many, many others too.

Further, we see satanism expressly emphasized in "hip-hop" music and other "entertainment," nowadays, as is roundly being pointed-out in many u-tube vids, for more notable examples.

For note the corp. mass-media is (still) and was INTEGRALLY involved in every way for the horrific fraud, deliberate deception, and criminality which was perpetrated on 9/11.

Note further then, there's a significant hint given by one of the leading 9/11 perpetrators who told us all in a much-noted speech he gave that we must "not tolerate outrageous consp. theories." For it really was precisely that: an outrageous conspiracy which included not only strategic gov. leaders, but also others, like the corp. mass-media, who used the 9/11 event to further imprison and mouse-trap the people within ever greater slavery and world gov./dictatorship.

And it's literally the "Big Lie" technique to pretend it isn't precisely such an "outrageous conspiracy" perpetrated by satanists who make use of the gullibility and more limited subjectivism of the people, though the people's subjectivism is not nearly of the gross, extreme sort as the satanism to be noted, evermore rampant in our bedeviled society.

Observe (a) all the pieces, details, and particulars are present to indicate the overwhelming existence of this gross, outrageous 9/11 conspiracy, the foundation of the inductive conclusion.

(b) Further, observe the inductive conclusion for this gross, outrageous conspiracy is NOT dis-proven; on the contrary, the more one looks, the more one sees this outrageous conspiracy is demonstrated, proven, confirmed--all in perfect and proper scientific style.

"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." -Sherlock Holmes (A. C. Doyle)

How is it, then, these satanists are not exposed, recognized, and now outed for gross monstrosities they really are?--probably only because the meaning and nature of satanism is kept obscure, hidden, over-looked, and mystified, when it shouldn't be and really isn't difficult to grasp--simply extreme subjectivism which takes advantage of whatever subjectivism is held legitimate by the more simple-minded people who are once again thereupon befuddled by the Big-Lie technique. Fetzer fails for proper application of philosophy and induction.

How can Fetzer make amends and do his proper duty as philosopher?--simple: just pt. out the actual "outrageous" nature of the conspiracy and how it was actually suggested by the perpetrator who told us not to look, "there's nothing to see here."

The other thing Fetzer could and should do is to not forget to note the realistic, practical nature and meaning of satanism (extreme subjectivism) and how it plainly manifests in the culture as I noted--it doesn't require a terrible stretch of the imagination, and people would easily understand.

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