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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Failure of philosophic analysis of "truthers" for the satanic conspiracy presently raging--which is really simple to analyze....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Satanic Conspiracy Only Needs A Little Specification
(Apollonian, 20 Sep 15)

Well comrade, I listened to the whole thing (ck above link), and it was neat for ur getting it recorded--good work on ur part. And yeah, the boss guy, "night-hawk," sure was a brainless moron who had nothing of any value to say. Seems like night-hawk was rather drunk and/or on drugs--very embarrassing performance he turned in, for sure. U made honest effort to present the basic facts to found ur case for 9/11 nukes, but the moron wasn't having it. At least Judy Wood says there was countervailing evidence, there being no light or heat, the vast amount of paper fm the bldgs never burning, etc.

Later, near the very end of the two hrs, u did further excellent analysis for the larger cultural-type forces at play, again giving excellent facts to found ur case, and here u met some opposition fm the dumb female who was the REAL "shill," I thought, talking the same old moronic platitudes about divisiveness regarding race, pretending race was mere exterior appendage, that we're all the same underneath, etc. Shill attempted the same old equation of the races, including Jews, pretending there are "good" Jews, which doesn't work. Luckily for her, time ran out for the show.

Obvious fact is Jews hate white race esp. for the rationalism and Christian culture which contains within distinct anti-semitism, Christ (= TRUTH, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) directly implying the objective reality, necessary basis of such TRUTH, Christ expressing most definitive repudiation of Judaic/Pharisaic subjectivism in general, the "midrash" (interpretation) of original Torah/Mosaic law. See and for best expo on Talmud, basis of Judaism.

And we're up against Jew subjectivists at top level of conspiracy, Jews featuring EXTREME subjectivism, thus SATANISM, by which reality is held to be that which issues fm one's own mentality/consciousness, HUBRIS, and making oneself God, the creator, Jews being notoriously collectivist, hence ORGANIZED and "connected," thus naturally dominating the more nihilistic, atomized, and individualist subjectivists among gentiles, even though gentiles, at the moment at least, vastly out-number Jews.

I've submitted some serious essays over at indicating Fetzer is losing the way for philosophy, getting mired down and submerged in minutiae, failing to grasp the "big-picture," the horrific assault of SATANISM (extreme subjectivism), this satanism led by the usual suspects.

Of course u know there's ANOTHER outstanding scholar and investigator, Chris Bollyn (see, who fingers the zionists at every conceivable choke-point for the 9/11 hit, operational, investigative, and judicial, not to mention the establishment press being owned by zionists.

Lately there's yet another outstanding scholar/investigator who's come to the fore, her name being Rebekah Roth--ck out u-tube for numerous vids. Rebekah, who has 30 yrs experience as flight-attendant, pt.s out the Flight Termination System remote-controlled the planes, and additionally notes many of the "players" for their zionist connections, and the extremely interesting nature of the so-called "phone-calls" that were made fm the planes--which were utterly and totally impossible, simply for the technologic aspects. Further, Barbara Olson, wife of Ted, the Solicitor General at the time, is JEW, and her dear husband was none-other than the lawyer for Jew spy, Jonathan Pollard. Rebekah pt.s out lots of other interesting details, too.

Fetzer and others have got to grasp the literal satanist nature of the Jew-led conspiracy against humanity--and note my very simple and practical definition, extreme subjectivism--which satanism is noted by many analysts and commentators on u-tube, esp. in "hip-hop" music and entertainment. Further, note the satanic Supreme ct. arbitrarily legitimizing "gay-marriage"--legislating fm the bench again. Perhaps most of all, note how hitlery Clinton, for example, is not prosecuted for gross security violations of the same sort that ruined the career of Gen. Petraeus, among many others, too, who were horribly persecuted and afflicted w. heavy prison sentences, esp. "whistle-blowers."

It's truly and literally a satanic and anti-human agenda which is being pushed by conspirators, and Fetzer and "truthers" have horribly blown it all for not pt-ing out this simple fact and phenomenon--which doesn't require rocket-science to observe and verify. Perhaps u might organize a call-in discussion which I'd be more than happy to provide for definite, substantial information and expo--it would be mere expansion and extension of ur brief notes u made on the topic show for this blog, here. Keep up ur great work, as always.

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