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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Remember: as u're fighting satanism, u're fighting moralism, the ultimate lie, "good" the worst enemy of truth....

Below-copied by ap first submitted for publication at comments, But when I hit the reply button, it wouldn't publish, so I guess I was blocked, ho ho ho ho hoh oho

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Satanism: Built Upon Subjectivism, Moralism
(Apollonian, 19 Sep 15)

Ruiz: I think u're right (see below-copied)--it's all so much quibbling about details while the big-picture is lost--JEWS JEWS JEWS, and, of course, the suck-along, gentile puke who go along, including the willing dupes, like Judeo-Christian scum heretics who support terror-state of Israel, on the "right" ("neo-cons") and the "leftist" queers who'd do anything long as they can get access to evermore kiddies, etc. And it includes such scummy filth as Ryan Dawson who tells us there are "good" kikes, only bad ones are "zionists," which zionists are actually junior partners to the top kike bankers.

But it gets bigger than even the Jew issue, by itself, as it's great cultural battle of ideals, Christian truth vs. Jew lies, lying, and liars, Christian truth implying necessarily the objective reality, Jew lies standing for subjectivism and fallacious/delusionary "good-evil" moralism (Pelagian heresy, according to St. Augustine).

Observe then EXTREME subjectivism is idea that all reality/existence is merely issuance of one's own mentality/consciousness, making the subject God, the HUBRISITIC creator of such existence--SATANISM--which satanism is what's actually, demonstrably working, there being no rule-of-law, satanism rampant within present "hip-hop" music and large entertainment industry.

Note then Jew masterminds have MORALISM working for them, this moralism rendering gentile opposition petrified as the medusa head did to mankind in the ancient Greek mythology. Jews actually have all of moralistic culture working for them against otherwise moronic gentiles addicted to "bread and circuses," esp. the hypnotic TV w. it's infinite spectacles.

-----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------

Ruiz Manalo 22 hours ago
Don't you think this type of stuff in general is distracting everyone more from the brute fact that no matter what our assertions about what we think happened on 9/11, the main point is we all know the official story did not happen. That would be a start to get the target mass audience of people to at least start looking into things for themselves instead of one upping each other in videos. It's all a pointless word salad I've lost hope in all independent media because it always ends up sensational or preachy to the point of sounding beyond arrogant. Like religious people who claim to know things they can't know, so many people who are claiming to be counter culture and subversive against the lies of mainstream media are just as closed minded by asserting what the truth is. Why can't we say we don't know exactly but can't go anywhere until people realize the problem is the system of corruption and lies at the top levels.

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