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Friday, September 11, 2015

Anti-Christ, subjectivist couldn't be "American," not fully, not really....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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JR: WHO, What Is He, Really?
(Apollonian, 11 Sep 15)

And there's yet another thing that comes-up about u, JR--u're NOT NOT NOT really "American" are u?--not really, not all the way--and we see that by ur willingness to lie about and slander Christianity.

U're undoubtedly of mixed-race too, aren't u?--and that much accounts for ur alien attitude towards Christianity, doesn't it?

Interesting u cannot grasp under-lying culture to Bill of Rights is Christian civilization.  And u really don't know anything about Christianity, do u?--equating it as u do so easily w. its anti-thesis, Judaism/satanism, even Islam--they're all the same to, aren't they?--another sign of ur basic alien nature.

For u see, JR, to be truly American, u really have to be white and Christian--WHICH U'RE NOT, are u?--certainly not fully, u being mixed-race w. a totally foreign strain, whatever it might be, surely.

U imagine u're "American" if u simply want to be, upon ur own subjectivist desire and insistence, BUT u won't be properly loyal to Christian civilization, we see--SO THEREFORE U AREN'T really, and COULDN'T be fully American, sympathetic as u are to the enemies of Christian civilization, like Jews.

And at same time, u want to pretend to "patriot"-style righteousness, ho ho ho ho ho at same time as u lie about and slander Christianity--THIS is large and important part of ur subjectivist insistence u're "American"--just like Jews do, whom u're actually quite impressed w., aren't u?  Ho ho hoho ho

So u see, JR, we who are REAL Americans see through ur utterly strange, alien, non-sympathetic protestations regarding Bill of Rights, for example, deliberately ignoring as u do in ur typical alien fashion, the necessary, under-lying Christian civilization.

U're really an alien, not American, imagining, like a Jew, u can intimidate and bluff real Americans to effect u know ALL ABOUT what being "American" is, ho ho oho ho ho ho--NO WONDER u can't dis-avow subjectivism--it's what u practice most actively for all ur moronic protestations and pretension, right?--it all comes out in the end, doesn't it?

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