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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Poor Hoffman, so-called "scholar" is falling apart before our very eyes....

Below-copied by ap first submitted, but surely not published, at  See also earlier blog, this site, 5 Aug 15

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Hoffman Urgently Needs To Getting A Grip
(Apollonian, 1 Sep 15)

Hoffman: u're just a joke, buddy--who do u think u're kidding?  Why should anyone be impressed w. a liar like u who says usury = charging-of-interest?  Why can't u perform simple task of scholarship for verifying ur false assertion(s) regarding usury (= charging of interest)?  And if u're a KNOWN LIAR, how do u expect anyone to give u credit for any other/further so-called "scholarship," this time on Gregor Strasser?  (Be sure to look at Hoffman's blog-article, cited above.)

U're not going to publish this comment of mine, are u?--of course not--so why/how do u expect anyone to publish any more of ur nonsense?  Hoffman, seriously, u need to have a consultation w. urself, buddy--u're such an amazing HYPOCRITE, I do believe u've stepped over the line to full-blown PSYCHOSIS.  Of course, this foregoing is on top of ur already well-known self-righteousness and Pelagian heresy, pretending to fallacious, non-existent "good-evil."

"Chutzpah," u say?--well, u would know all about that, wouldn't u?  How, actually, are u any different fm the Jew psychopaths u analyze so well in ur other books?--they're just better "connected," aren't they?--in w. other psychopaths, well-organized for their criminal enterprises, eh?--though I wouldn't say u're a criminal, just a psycho, that's all.  U're in bad shape, buddy, and u really need to getting a clue about things, for ur own good, and that of ur kids and family too, I'd say.  Take heed, comrade; u have my prayers.

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