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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Non-white aliens who declare they're "American," but reject Christianity are integral part of the problem, can't figure-out why rights, liberty vanish....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Problem For USA?--Aliens Like JR
(Apollonian, 13 Sep 15)

Well, if u say so, it must be true, right? (see below-copied)--isn't that how subjectivism works?  And do u note the similarity of subjectivism with outright MYSTICISM?

So if rights and liberty and Bill of Rights have been overthrown, it only means the under-lying premises and culture have been removed or damaged, right?--and this is where u're EXTREMELY weak, isn't it?

For rights, law, and reason are products of white Christian civilization, which white Christian u're not, and all u do is parasitize the white Christian host, complaining and insisting u're entitled.

Newsflash: objective and subjective are not really debatable.  U're just struggling to grasp white Christian culture.  Objective and subjective are ASSUMPTIONS which necessarily underlie everything else of philosophy and reality--why it's called "metaphysics" and "first philosophy."

And it's mark of ur utterly alien, non-white, non-Christian mentality u can't figure this out regarding necessary objective, under-pinning of rule-of-law, rights, liberty, and B. of Rights.  Like a child, u imagine u can DECLARE what reality is--what u want it to be, subjectivism--similar to how u just declare u're "American."

So u see, JR, problem w. USA is it has too many ALIENS like u--isn't that the truth?  And aliens like u then weaken things so that outright enemies of US are better enabled to prevail, which, as u've herein announced, has now happened.

So u see, it's u who's really much and great part of the problem; aliens like u are now exposed as outright enemies, slandering and lying about Christianity.  So what we whites and Christians really have to do is to SECEDE fm the imperial USA which is fraught w. useless dead-weight like u who do nothing to help things, even regarding rights, liberty, and B. of Rights as u bleat about so pathetically and absurdly.

----------------------above by ap in response to below---------------------

AnonymousSep 13, 2015, 1:27:00 PM
My task is to call it as I see it.
The one world government people are defeating American sovereignty as of this moment. That's how I see it.
As far as objective and subjective realities etc... that's fine and we will continue to debate that - however - we are losing our country to globalists.

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