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Monday, February 4, 2013

ZOG psy-ops is becoming evermore plain--at same time as they attempt repeating for dummies of the population, ho ho ho

Jews-Media & Fox News Bring-Up Latest Psy-Ops: "In Favor" Of Gun-Rights, But UPON Totally Different Grounds, Ignoring The OBVIOUS Conspiracy
(Apollonian, 4 Feb 13)

Here's very interesting, latest psy-ops foray/gambit fm ZOG:; it's testimony fm a father, much more believable than the (now) notorious "Robbie" Parker.

The father in above-noted vid asserts his kid was killed--so perhaps SOME were truly, actually killed there at Sandy Hook--unlike Parker's kid (to judge by the scum's cheerfulness and then abrupt change of mood/attitude/mentality when cued to perform for the cameras as he did).

But observe, in this case, the psy-ops of Fox News who still insist upon "not getting it": SPECIFICALLY the (a) overthrow of US Constitution in the (b) attempt to dis-arming and thus dis-abling the volk fm OVERTHROWING A TYRANNIC GOV., which is purpose in first place of the 2nd amendment--again, which FOX and Jews-media is DELIBERATELY avoiding facing-up to, pretending rather it's about "gun-violence against kidsoes," etc.

And this psy-ops I describe in above paragraph is DELIBERATE, obviously, to anyone who's got half a brain, and it's why US Congress is part of conspiracy now being pushed by Obongo, his administration, and the Jews-media.  Again, it's (a) overthrow of US Const. on (b) pretext of gun-safety, (c) distracting/diverting fm the real, deliberate, conscious conspiracy to dis-arming the volk.

Rather, u'll note fm the above-referenced vid the father defends gun-ownership on other grounds, ignoring and over-looking the OBVIOUS traitorous gov. attempt and conspiracy to overthrowing the Constitution--which the idiot NEVER MENTIONS.

Fox and whore, Megan Kelly (Frankenstein's daughter, ho ho ho), along w. other scum, then further EMPHASIZE this false and phony pretext and, rather, defensively plead the EXCUSE for gun-ownership, ignoring and diverting fm the OBVIOUS anti-Constitutional conspiracy against the armed citizenry guarding against ZOG and tyranny.

ZOG psychopaths must think they're soooooooooo smart--and thus Megan Kelly, for example, would be sooooooooooo indignant if u confronted them about the OBVIOUS psy-ops.  Who's kidding who, truly?--ho ho ho ho.  ZOG psychopaths are showing their cards.


  1. What I think would be most beneficial to your readers and to all White Nationalists is to draft up a series of contingency plans for all the possible outcomes as America crashes and burns.

    The Jews and their minions are killing us with the the death of a thousand cuts, this gun control nightmare is just one of those cuts.

    As I write this response, live on CSPAN the traitors on both sides of the aisle in DC are eliminating any meaning of citizenship as they fully intend on legalizing tens of millions of illegal invaders. This suicidal plan will speed up the process of bankruptcy and collapse.

    I see it as no coincidence that these suicidal moves, or rather murderous moves, are coming down upon us in rapid fire with no chance of fighting any one of them sufficiently before the next array drops down atop us. Those in power seem hell bent on doing whatever the hell they want anyway and have their controlled media outlets soften up the stupid, fat, American sheeple for their slaughter.

    It has come to light that the traitors in both camps have been plotting this treachery for years in secrecy, both among those in the Senate and also in the Congress. To add insult to injury, and to prove outright treason among them, many of these conniving cretins outright lied to win reelection. People like McCain lied to the gullible voters in AZ that he was ready to listen to his constituents and support AB1070 etc, all the while plotting and planning with his Marxist cohorts playing the part of his political adversaries.

    It's pretty difficult to see the saints among us, but it is clear to see those who are hell-bound for their treasons and who are throwing America, and the world, under the train of a global Jewish Bolshevik tyranny.

    We are seriously fucked!

  2. "What I think would be most beneficial to your readers and to all White Nationalists is to draft up a series of contingency plans for all the possible outcomes as America crashes and burns."

    * * * * * * * *

    Note I've actually, basically, done all this u suggest:

    (a) remember history is CYCLIC, so there's a good ways to go yet on the way down, down, down--whereupon survivors will be enabled to re-build.

    (b) Presently, as long as people continue to accept the COUNTERFEIT ZOG-bux they keep printing-up (still), they're going to remain strong and dominant, u see?--that's basis of their power--has been fm very beginning, back in 1913, for this COUNTERFEITING racket they've been running. Only when US Dollar begins to collapsing will patriots have any real opportunity to get any serious hits and counter-strokes in--and that may still be some time now.

    (c) Meantime note there's "no honor among thieves," so these Jewwy creatures can still have falling-outs w. one another, there being at least two factions at the top, the AETHEISTICAL-styled "leftists," behind United Nations (UN), and (b) the Zionists, "conservatives," and their suck-along "Judeo-Christian" (JC) puke and hereticalists who support Israel.

    (d) Hence it's all very much function of the money-system.

    (e) So, as I noted in recent blogs, only thing we can really do is to preach a RATIONALIST-oriented Christianity as basis of organization--aside fm continuing to arm, stock-pile food, ammo, etc. In order to remove Jews, first one must remove their foremost allies, the (afore-mentioned) JCs; Christianity is all about truth, hence objectivity, hence determinism (no perfectly "free" will), etc.

    (f) Thus real, solid political organization is built fm grass-roots.

    (g) And observe there's excellent basis for cheer/optimism, as I note, fm the Yahoo comments sections where there's substantial sympathy for anti-semitism, the gun-rights defenders doing quite well.

    Of course I'm still open for any suggestions fm u good folks and commentators out there; don't hesitate to speak-up.