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Friday, February 22, 2013

Consider How satanists are waging war, direct and in-direct--and why not?--when victims are sooooo stupid

Satanists Willingly Wage War--Esp. When Morons Refuse To Believe It
(Apollonian, 22 Feb 13)

So comrades, we see the satanists have (a) already determined upon genocide and population-reduction in way of "agenda 21."

(b) Further, we know they're ALREADY ENGAGED in process of waging this genocidal war by the various, more in-direct means of slow-kill as in way of fluoridated water, poisoned vaccines, GMO foods, toxic prescription drugs, "chem-trails," and radiation poisoning as with depleted uranium.  And then there's the electro-magnetic inducing of cancer by means of the micro-waves of cell-phones, etc.  Who knows what else they're doing?  Ho ho ho

But now observe the gun-control foray, which is TERRORISM in first place, the overthrow of law and Constitution, and the psychologic feeling of helplessness of dis-armament in face of criminals, including a tyrannic gov., and foreign invasion, this in midst of reports US gov. is selling vast tracts of US land to Chicoms.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Further, note gun-control provisions set-up the pretext for ZOG to legalistically attacking the citizens, one-by-one, as they proceed against citizens in way of house-to-house searches, etc.--much like they did during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, 2005.

Thus do the satanists proceed, at same time as telling people to, "relax--we're NOT trying to take ur guns," ho ho ho--much like during the Waco, Tx. attack by Feds upon Branch Davidians at same time as telling them repeatedly, "this is NOT an assault."  Ho ho ho

And consider: satanists MUST take some action for their deliberate destruction of the currency, US Dollar about to collapse, ZOG rightly anticipating the people will resent this deliberate treason and sabotage against the economy.

Thus gun-control is the natural complement to the psy-ops and other acts of mass-murder, destruction, treason, sabotage, outright larceny, etc.  If they murder over a million Iraqis, why wouldn't they do this to US citizens too?  Ho ho ho


  1. "If they murder over a million Iraqis, why wouldn't they do this to US citizens too?"

    ----Agent Grathwohl documented how the psychotic communist Bill Ayers was ready and willing to murder 25 million American citizens in order to overthrow the constitutional republic of the United States and institute a communist dictatorship.----

    I would say they have plans to wipe the white race out entirely, not a million, not 25 million. They want us all dead.


  2. Way To Getting Whites To Care About Whites Is Through Humanity First
    (Apollonian, 23 Feb 13)

    Yes, I agree, u're right, but the POLITICAL--and best psychologic--way to present this is in CHRISTIAN fashion and emphasize it's ALL HUMANITY these satanic scum want to exterminate, whites among them.

    For who are these satanic filth?--they're Jews and accomplices, esp. queers and "metro-sexuals" who cheerfully suck-along.

    And of course they have a special hatred for whites--but esp. for their rationalist, Western culture, never forget.

    White patriots gotta get wise and realize the best way to recruit and persuade fellow whites is to emphasize Christianity and humanity--not ONLY whites.

    Once whites--many if not most of whom are stupid, brainless morons, never forget--just WHITE NIGGERS, in all truth--once they realize it's all humanity that's at stake, THEN maybe the puke will begin to think about how important it is to preserve whites.

    For the people, esp. whites, who understand the real score, that it's Jews and accomplices against all humanity, understand whites are worth saving.

    CONCLUSION: So the way to getting whites to think about saving the white race is FIRST to getting them to understand the core problem: Jews against all the rest of humanity. People, esp. whites, who care about humanity care about whites. But whites who pretend they ONLY care about whites and don't care about humanity--THEY'RE USELESS, EVEN TO WHITES--understand this.

  3. Homeland Insecurity Buying 2,717 Armored Vehicles

    Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion+++ Hallow Point Bullet Stockpile