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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Do satanists exist?--well, there's sure evidence to think so, eh? Ho ho hoo

Satanic Logic Becoming Overwhelming--Targets Now Feature Pregnant Women
(Apollonian, 20 Feb 13)

Well, well, well, comrades: observe the gross, horrifying, satanic logic just continuing to build-up for us--now, DHS (homeland security) has come-out w. target images which consist of pregnant women, elderly, and even kidsoes--ck  Only next step would be these targets w. UR image on it, w. ur name too, ho ho ho--but then it would be difficult for even the morons to deny the obvious conclusion, eh?

Don't forget ZOG buying-up 2 BILLION BULLETS--enough to kill all population of Jew S A 5 or 6 times over, eh?

And of course, ZOG already has the NDAA "law" (among the others) which allows ZOG to arrest u w. no charges, eh?  Regardless, the corrupt judges will allow the police-state to do whatever they please, eh?

Then there are the drones getting ready to be armed against citizens--ck

And there are the FEMA camps ready to take us in and give us poisoned vaccines, feed us GMO foods, and prescribe deadly SSRI (serotonin re-uptake) drugs--isn't it lovely?

And  then there's "agenda 21" which plans to "de-populate" the world (GENOCIDE).

So u see comrades, at a certain pt., people gotta finally think and figure things out--ultimately, someone else isn't going to be able to do it for them.

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