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Monday, February 11, 2013

Never doubt: ZOG insanity is steadily reducing to absurd, evermore, ZOG killing more of our troops than "enemy," ho ho ho

20+ (And Increasing) US Soldiers Committing Suicide Every Day--When Will Morons Of Jew S A Figure Out ZOG Is Killing Them DELIBERATELY?--At 40+ Per Day?--100 Per Day?--Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 11 Feb 13)

Well, well, well--looky here--as good ol' Alexei Jones (, see deftly pt.s out for us, ZOG is doing just brilliant job of mass-murdering it's own troops (20+ per day now)--in order, evidently to help in process of creating killing-machines to kill Muslims and others too--like patriots in USA pretty soon, eh?

This suicide rate is due to US military DELIBERATELY doping the troops w. all kinds of drugs, including speed (amphetimines) of various types, THIS ON TOP OF THE POISONOUS VACCINES, etc., including live vaccines which have active cancer viruses, not to mention OTHER diseases too--all deliberate "policy," as I note.  Makes money for the big drug companies, see.  Ho ho ho ho ho ho.  See

And this drugging/poison-vaccine "policy" is in addition to sending troops to multiple tours, many w. three and four times in combat in Iraq and Afgan.  See

And of course, it's all besides the depleted-uranium (DU) ZOG uses to contaminate and mass-murder US soldiers aside fm the people (and generations in the future too, don't forget), as in Iraq and Afgan, in Libya, now in Syria, a few yrs ago in Bosnia and Serbia, etc.--soon in Jew S A too, eh?  Ho ho ho.

This insanity/suicidal program imposed on people of ZOG-dominated Jew S A is now plainly in process of REDUCTIO-AD-ABSURDUM--how long does it have to go on, and how bad does it have to get before the dumbasses and TV-addicted puke begin to start to figuring it all out, eh?  Ho ho ho ho.  Oh well, if the morons can't figure it out, then they're just gonna die and fall by way-side, eh?  Darwinism in practice, suckers.

Thank goodness for the mighty Inter-net, eh?--without it, we surely wouldn't even know what was going on--thanks to those dear kikes who control the kikes-media for us, keeping us "informed," ho ho ho.  Count ur blessings, suckers, as u know ZOG cannot continue to tolerate mighty internet source of truth.

No wonder Obongo and co., traitors and mass-murderers, gotta take our guns--knowing what's gonna be done to them, soon, soon, when US Dollar finally collapses and folks figure out they gotta do SOMETHING to just basically save their (& our) miserable lives.

Meantime, my good comrades, keep on getting close to ur fellow people--PREACHING DEAR CHRISTIANITY which stands for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against kike lies (JOHN 8:44), never forget--that's how we "organize" fm bottom-up, the ONLY thing that's gonna work.

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