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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Establishment kikes got a problemo w. "consp. theory"--what could it be?

The REAL "Thing" About "Conspiracy Theory," Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 5 Feb 13)

So what's the problem w. "consp. theory"?--what's actually the REAL problemo, eh?

Well, criminals don't like it, do they?--criminals don't like being "copped," identified, and pt'd-out--they don't like being un-masked and un-covered.

Otherwise, if "consp. theory" is inappropriate, or out-of-place, then there's just some error of logic or reasoning, eh?--hence there's a false premise, right?  So then one must merely pt.-out any given or possible false-premise--like there's no conspiracy--the US Federal Reserve ("Fed")--it's NOT COUNTERFEITING, ho ho ho ho ho ho.

So what does the Fed do?--they print-up money (COUNTERFEITING--actually, Fed "creates credit" which then leads to the "printing" by the Treasury dept., which does what Fed tells it)--but the Fed does it "legally," eh?  Ho ho ho.

So what?--the more it prints-up, the less the money is worth which pre-existed the new issue--so isn't that fraud?  Ho ho ho ho

Thus the money, which is now devalued, has been effectively taxed for its buying-power.

So if there's conspiracy--like the Fed--then there's nothing wrong w. "consp. theory"--and it's PERFECTLY justified and well-founded in facts and reality, w. excellent evidence--which the paid liars of Jews-media merely keep spinning in order to keep the weaklings befuddled.

But if there's no conspiracy, then one merely needs pt.-out (a) there's no problemo which would (b) suggest a conspiracy afoot (as the cause for the problem)--but there's plenty of problems--so conspiracy cannot be ruled-out, OBVIOUSLY.

And we see the ENTIRE SOCIETY controlled by criminals at the top--the Fed (COUNTERFEITERS) and the powers behind it.  Q.E.D.

* * * * * * * * * * *

So what's the REAL issue w. "consp. theory"?--it's the criminals complaining that they're being "fingered," I.D'd, and found-out.  Ho ho ho ho.

Observe they can't pretend there aren't problems--which give rise to "consp. theory" as cause.

So they got problems for explaining the (societal) problems--if it isn't conspiracy, why can't they solve the problem(s)?--it's because of conspiracy, obviously, and the un-willingness to admit to the conspiracies.

And the Jewwy puke babbling about "consp. theory" are integral parts to the real conspiracy, indubitably.

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