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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kikes are subjectivists, narcissists, usually collectively, but some are individually narcissist--as we see...

Below is record of "debate" I had w. kike last night (Feb 11th)--until interrupted (at end, near top) by a white-nigger (Lindstedt) who pretends to "Christian Identity," who had to stick-up for his Jewwy buddy, defending "free" will, ho ho ho--read fm bottom-up to follow time-line.

Fm shout-box, ho ho ho.  Absolutely NOTHING has been edited out--and u can ck original site where it's all still up.

* * * * * * * * *

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-11:15 -- And indeed, we see now it's white-nigger who's "scurried," ho ho ho

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-11:14 -- Ho ho ho--I didn't at all "scurry-off"; rather, I found I wasn't able to make an entry on the shout-box, so I had to close all the sites I had up and then try to bring things back-up. We see the white-nigger pretending he's descended fm fictional "Israelites" insists, like Jews, he has perfect free will, ho ho ho, that he doesn't have to be a sinner UNLESS he wills to be so, ho ho ho

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:41 -- How you doing Yakub Israel? I know that you are on me and Kane's side concerning pussy.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:40 -- Looks like the Leprous Armadillo scurried off or the Library closed.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:31 -- Appy ventures north of Ft. Smith, there's a pallet slat with the Leprous Armidillo's name on it.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:30 -- I'm trying to convince the leprous Armadillo to migrate west this spring to LA to bother Ingelded rather than to go North to Kansas City.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:29 -- Nah, Appy is some ****skinned mongrel living in a dumpster, usually around San Antoine.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:28 -- So we each get what we want.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:28 -- I thought you considered appy racially white.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:28 -- And us Israelites have free will, and Law and Covenants with YHWH.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:27 -- Appy, I agreed with you insofar as you are cooncerned. You are a mongrel dog without free will or any Law or Covenants.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:27 -- seriously, though, I couldn't get men off the hook, but the best I could do is indight women as also being guilty.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:26 -- [url][/url]

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:26 -- Pore Appy. New Nation News taken down by Anonymous mamzers and jews.

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-10:26 -- Pt. is u're a sinner, and there's NOTHING ur "free-will" can do to change it, stupid white-nigger moron

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:22 -- Didn't say that Appy. Said only us Israelites could sin and choose to do so.

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-10:22 -- righto, whatever, white-nigger psycho

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-10:22 -- So we see the white-nigger pretending he's "Israelite" says he's capable of "choosing" to not sin, ho ho ho, stupid nigger

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:22 -- Saint Sticknigger: I said that only Israelites who have free will can sin because only they have a choice. You, being a mongrel animal have only instinct, not Law, hence cannot sin, Appy.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:21 -- lol i don't have a good response to that.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:19 -- Just wait a few years, Kane. Starr entered Cougartown three years ago and is applying for a job at the truck stop. Your chance will cum.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:18 -- Always pick the 'scientific' study that says you are right. Science is a bigger whore than some working girls.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:18 -- this doesn't get men off the hook, but it gives them company - women are guity too.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:17 -- it's good to see one study go my way

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:17 -- Intersting study claims that men and women want casual sex the same amount - if the male is perceived as capable of having "good sex." [url][/url]

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-10:17 -- answer the question, nigger who thinks he's "Israelite"--are u capable of NOT sin? Ho ho ho

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:17 -- Sin in the transgression of the Law. There is only Law and Covenants with us Israelites. So only we can sin or choose to sin.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:15 -- Seems like there is an opening in Rome, Appy. Maybe you can be the next Pope. Or at least Nin-cum-Pope.

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-10:13 -- so tell us, are u capable of NOT being sinner, moron? Ho ho ho

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:11 -- Appy was less than pleased to hear my partial agreement.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:11 -- Yup. That's what I told Appy. Determinism for Appykind, Free Will for us Israelites.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:10 -- what is your view on free will? My guess is that you believe only "the people of Israel" have free will.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:10 -- Appy is moar Dionesian than Appollonian.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:09 -- You are arguing with Appy. Appy says that since it is an animal that it has no free will. And I agreed with Appy, appy has nothing butt "Free Swill". Appy is a Determinist.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:08 -- I like self denial

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:08 -- it probably comes from the fact that I'm into running and training my body.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:07 -- I gues I'm claiming I take some sort of weird pride in the ability to control the urges - to the point where i impose it on myself. The women could want to put out and I'd still control the urges.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:06 -- Yeah, well Appy is goofy.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:05 -- Well, you can control your urges, but you hope to talk them into putting out. I don't condone rape except as a weapon of civil warfare. But still, when you got the urge there is only one thing on your mind with some females.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:04 -- I wasn't say ing that women are good friends.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:04 -- a lot of studies on the internet say that essentially males can't control themselves sexually. basically if they are attracted to a women, they cant' befriend them. That's what I was challenging.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:03 -- I mean app

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:03 -- with me arguing that males can control their drive if they want to and yakub saying i was trying to be god

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:03 -- Yeah, women can be good friends when you are very young or getting old. But between certain ages all your one-eyed Johnson can think of is pussy.
(report) god123123 - 12-02-10:02 -- The debate is about whether a male can be attracted to a female and still not want them to be sexual partners.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:01 -- yeah but I think you are misunderstanding the debate. The debate isn't whether women are good friends.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:01 -- Such as they are. I'd worry more about Appy's odor.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:01 -- Meaning I can handle appy's insults.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:01 -- Back when I was in the Army, I couldn't think of anything having to do with women except their pussies. So Kane has won this debate.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-10:01 -- I can handle it, I hope Appy can.

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-10:00 -- Appy gets pissed off'n everything. Appy and pussy don't belong except in this case together.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-09:59 -- then he got hte imprssion that I wanted to be god and posted a bunch of doctrine that fits protestantism more than catholicism, but claimed it as catholicism.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-09:59 -- not that I want to be friends with women.

»   (report) god123123 - 12-02-09:58 -- he's angry because I posted a study about how men can't keep their penises from getting in the way of "female friendships," and argued that I wanted to prove it wrong.

  (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-09:57 -- "Nigger" best describes Appy's family tree. Appy looked up itz family tree and a gorilla **** in itz face.

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-09:56 -- ho ho ho ho--f*ck of nigger

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-09:56 -- So what pub[l]ic library you stinking up, Appy?

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-09:55 -- Better than a delusional ****-skinned mamzer eating **** out of a dumpster.

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-09:55 -- And here's white trash/nigger who thinks he's descended fm fictional "Israelites" ho ho ho--the "pastor" moron

»   (report) PastorLindstedt - 12-02-09:54 -- Looks like a tard convention is going on

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-09:53 -- And the way Jews have it, "whatever is good for Jews" then becomes the accepted "truth"--that's how it goes for u Jew monsters, psychopaths and narcissists

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-09:52 -- So since everythiing is a lie (subjective), then nothing is lie (since there's no truth or objective reality), and one subjective fantasy within ur narcissist's mentality is as good as any other

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-09:44 -- U're archetypal Jew, never doubt, sublime liar--but since everything is subjective, everything is a lie, right?

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-09:43 -- Kane: u've already admitted u're narcissist--EVERYTHING to u is mere "movie," as it were, playing in ur mind--EVEYRTHING for u is SUBJECTIVE--to u, there's NO objective reality, NO truth

» god123123 - 12-02-09:40 -- Persecution of Jews was only one feature of fighting in medevil europe - it also manifested in other ways. then in world wars, Jews again were attacked, but so were others.

» god123123 - 12-02-09:39 -- which statement do you claim can be disproven?

» apollonian - 12-02-09:35 -- But once ur money scam collapses, then u have to start wars in order to make ur get-away so that the gentiles don't gang-up on u to exterminate u criminal scum once and for all

» apollonian - 12-02-09:34 -- total narcissists, total subjectivists, total psychopaths, are u Jews--but u are successful at certain times in history, esp. during "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler

» apollonian - 12-02-09:33 -- So to u, since EVERYTHING is subjective, hence a lie, it only matters what lie for u is most attractive by whatever criterion happens to be floating in ur mind at some particular time

» apollonian - 12-02-09:32 -- See, u Jews are such sublime LIARS, u lie to urselves, but u don't realize it, since EVERYTHING to u narcissist monsters is all subjective anyway

» apollonian - 12-02-09:30 -- Kane: what U DON'T REALIZE is that sooooo much (if not ALL) of what u say is mere figment of ur own imagination, which I admit, is all u care about, narcissist psycho, as u are.

» god123123 - 12-02-09:21 -- what white nationalists don't realize is taht the argument they bring up (i'm not saying appolonian is wn) can be used against them. They always bring up that historically, Southern Europeans fought with Sephardic Jews and Northern Europeans fought with Ashekanzi Jews. But what they don't realize is that the historical argument also opens up all kinds of infighting amongst european gentiles, if you study it.

» god123123 - 12-02-09:18 -- I know enough to know that Europeans - and also Eastern Europeans - were fighting amongst each other quite a bit.

» apollonian - 12-02-09:17 -- ho ho ho--AS IF u really know anything about history--all another movie playing within ur psychotic mentality--babble on Jew

» god123123 - 12-02-09:15 -- both see history as a giant gang up by non-Jews against Jews

» god123123 - 12-02-09:15 -- That's one way white nationalista and practicing Jews have a lot in common

» god123123 - 12-02-09:15 -- A lot of people have a naive view of history in which Jews were persecuted - but European Gentiles didn't perscute each other.

» apollonian - 12-02-09:15 -- u are undoubtedly a force of nature, unquestionably--just like disease, like typhus, etc.

» apollonian - 12-02-09:14 -- but like disease, like leprosy, or plague, or small-pox, u psychopaths keep coming back

» apollonian - 12-02-09:13 -- And now u know why it's veritable religion of ours--DEAR CHRISTIANITY--by which we hate u monsters and why we've kicked u out of EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH, several times

» apollonian - 12-02-09:12 -- For in ur Jew's, narcissist mentality, it's not possible for u to be anything other than all-powerful an godly--it's foregone conclusion, pre-ordained within the psychotic consciousness--don't doubt we gentiles understand this about u psychopathic monsters

» apollonian - 12-02-09:10 -- righto, narcissist Jew

» god123123 - 12-02-09:10 -- apollonian doesn't understand how a competitive person thinks. they don't just accept what people tell them, they make people fight them.

» apollonian - 12-02-08:33 -- U're the star of and in ur own little movie playing in ur narcissistic mind--TYPICAL JEW

» apollonian - 12-02-08:32 -- "Look," u'll say (to anyone in vicinity), "just loooook at the power of my almighty will, by golly--god himself will want to shake my hand in acknowledgment"--of ur absolute psychopathic self-delusion which we know Jews excel at.

» apollonian - 12-02-08:30 -- what would it really prove?--we already know u're totally psycho, narcissist Jew who'll do ANYTHING to prove u're like god

» god123123 - 12-02-08:24 -- the real way to prove this, app, is to lock me in a room with an attractive women and watch my ability to tune her out.

» god123123 - 12-02-07:23 -- Even if it becomes obvious that you are attracted, you can just apologize and say that it's simply a biolgoical reaction and you intend to be friends.

» apollonian - 12-02-07:16 -- God's will is cause-effect

» apollonian - 12-02-07:14 -- for reality is controlled ABSOLUTELY by inexorable cause-effect, human will NOT being perfectly "free" or able to affect such reality (cause-effect) in any way

» apollonian - 12-02-07:12 -- thus truth is reflection in human mind of the objective reality which is necessrarily DETERMINED, there being NO perfectly "free" human will

» apollonian - 12-02-07:11 -- To recapitulate: Christianity OPPOSES absolutely Judaism, Christianity for TRUTH above all things (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--AGAINST Judaic lies (JOHN 8:44)

» apollonian - 12-02-07:02 -- I don't think one can suppress what comes naturally--only thing one can suppress is outward reaction which will express itself in some other, sublimated manner, that's all.

» god123123 - 12-02-06:45 -- even if you are attracted to a women, you can intentionally suppress it.

» god123123 - 12-02-06:45 -- if i was the perceived loser, the beer barrel would be cross quoting

» apollonian - 12-02-06:45 -- Of course, u're typical, Jewwy narcissist who insists upon hubristic "free will"

» god123123 - 12-02-06:44 -- I still claim that males can control their sexuality if they have strong personality.

» apollonian - 12-02-06:44 -- But Christ "redeemed" us simply by acknowledging we're sinners which we can't help, but DO NOT DESPAIR, it is still possible for salvation by admitting the truth and practicing TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH and honesty--thus, that we're NOT NOT NOT God, hence without a perfectly "free" will

» god123123 - 12-02-06:44 -- Hey app. You know I've won an argument when the beer barrel isn't cross quoting.

» apollonian - 12-02-06:42 -- Guilt is way sooooooooooo many folks are controlled and manipulated, indubitably

» apollonian - 12-02-06:42 -- It's true SOME "Catholics" (who are hereticalist) do preach a kind of "freedom" of will, no doubt to provide foundation for inculcation of guilt

» apollonian - 12-02-06:37 -- But anyway, note the "debate" as it stands, Kane who is god, says Christianity (or Catholicism) is all about free will

» apollonian - 12-02-05:42 -- this shout-box ALWAYS FAILS when more than one is typing-in to it

» apollonian - 12-02-05:22 -- In ur kike's narcissist mind u win all debates, eh? ho ho ho ho

» apollonian - 12-02-05:20 -- U're totally psychotic narcissist, typical kike

» god123123 - 12-02-05:18 -- i'm a naraccisit who knows what he's talking about!

» apollonian - 12-02-05:18 -- typical Jew

» apollonian - 12-02-05:18 -- U're just a babbling narcissist

» god123123 - 12-02-05:17 -- as you fit better

» god123123 - 12-02-05:17 -- then be a protestants

» apollonian - 12-02-05:17 -- No I don't have to ask the priest--it's matter of what's written in New Test.

»   (report) apollonian - 12-02-09:44 -- U're archetypal Jew, never doubt, sublime liar--but since everything is subjective, everything is a lie, right?

 apollonian - 12-02-09:43 -- Kane: u've already admitted u're narcissist--EVERYTHING to u is mere "movie," as it were, playing in ur mind--EVEYRTHING for u is SUBJECTIVE--to u, there's NO objective reality, NO truth

» god123123 - 12-02-05:16 -- that people are free to chose between sinning and not sinning. although humans never reach perfection

» god123123 - 12-02-05:16 -- ask your priest if humans are made in god's image and likeness - if adam's sin introduced sin into hummanity - if jesus provides redemption.

» apollonian - 12-02-05:15 -- no Kane: U GO AND ASK THE PRIEST, U UTTER PSYCHO

god123123 - 12-02-05:15 -- and don't scew the question

» god123123 - 12-02-05:15 -- appolonian. go to church and ask your priest.

» apollonian - 12-02-05:14 -- After all, u're just a kike--so tell us what's diff. btwn kike-ism and Christianity

» apollonian - 12-02-05:13 -- But it's ur site, and u can continue to babble and repeat and insist, like narcissist psycho u are, that u've won ur debate

» god123123 - 12-02-05:12 -- [url][/url]

» god123123 - 12-02-05:12 -- [url][/url] another person agrees

» apollonian - 12-02-05:12 -- Kane: U'VE LOST THE DEBATE, comrade--get over it. Christianity opposes kike-ism, PERIOD

» god123123 - 12-02-05:11 -- read the text "sinner in the hands of an angry god" and you'll get the protestnat view

» apollonian - 12-02-05:11 -- wiki is a Jew source. The other link is irrelevant--u must cite New Test. and ONLY New Test. for Christianity

» god123123 - 12-02-05:10 -- i just gave you two links

» apollonian - 12-02-05:08 -- right--which u assert without ANY citation/reference

» god123123 - 12-02-05:08 -- no. i insist catholicism does and protestantism does not

» apollonian - 12-02-05:08 -- U additionally just want to insist Christianity holds to free will, like kikes do--which is demonstrably false, according to the text

» apollonian - 12-02-05:07 -- But, regardless, u CONFIRM u're typical Jew, holding to free will, narcissism, etc.--as I originally noted, and which u effectively admit

» god123123 - 12-02-05:07 -- i can't create my own reality if i don't have free will (ha ha ha ha)

» apollonian - 12-02-05:06 -- Kane: u just babble and babble and create ur own reality--where u win all debates, ho ho ho

» god123123 - 12-02-05:05 -- lol app i don't think debating is your thing.

» apollonian - 12-02-05:05 -- U're just babbling like a psycho now

» god123123 - 12-02-05:05 -- not everyone sin by commision - you actually break a commandment.

» god123123 - 12-02-05:04 -- everyone sins by ommision - you could have done something but you didn't.

» apollonian - 12-02-05:04 -- Anyway: u continue to verify and demonstrate u're absolute TYPICAL JEW, narcissist, pretending u have free will

» god123123 - 12-02-05:04 -- plus you have to distinguish between sins of ommision and sins of commision

» apollonian - 12-02-05:03 -- No, u poor kike--if u're born sinner, U CANNOT NOT SIN

» apollonian - 12-02-05:02 -- It's ur precious kike-ism which holds that Jews are God--the very purpose for God's being--so that God can serve kikes

» god123123 - 12-02-05:02 -- there's a difference between being a sinner and actually sinning. Meaning you are born a sinner but don' thave to sin,.

» apollonian - 12-02-05:02 -- so what are u talking about now, anyway?--this gets to free will vs. determinism, don't forget--and Christianity holds we're sinners, always have been, always will be, PERIOD

» god123123 - 12-02-05:00 -- that's how protestants differ.

» god123123 - 12-02-05:00 -- keep in mind that the catholic teaching is that it's not for hte average person to interprit scripture. It's for priests and teachers to do it.l

» apollonian - 12-02-04:59 -- Christ "fixes it"? Ho ho ho--no, I don't think so, and u need to site the source in New Test.--not vaguely allege that u were "taught" such-and-such in Cath. school

» apollonian - 12-02-04:58 -- Kane: I don't know what u think u're laughing about--but it doesn't matter what u think some Cath. school taught u. Christianity is Christianity, according to New Testament; that's it, and that's all there is to it.

» god123123 - 12-02-04:53 -- you see man was sinless until adam screwed everything up - according to catholicism. jesus fixes it.

» god123123 - 12-02-04:51 -- lol

» god123123 - 12-02-04:51 -- but i knew that betfore i googled wikipedia - did my catholic school lie too>?

» apollonian - 12-02-04:50 -- note wikipedia is Jew source and organization--they lie and will cheerfully lie about Christianity--and Catholocism

» god123123 - 12-02-04:49 -- these phoraphags think I'm some redneck who goes around saying "Jews are white" when actually I'm an eastern european who undestands catholicism and islamic theology.

» apollonian - 12-02-04:49 -- wikipedia is a Jew organization--it is hardly authoritative for Catholocism

» god123123 - 12-02-04:49 -- "he Catholic Church teaches that every human person born on this earth is made in the image of God.[46][47] Within man "is both the powerful surge toward the good because we are made in the image of God, and the darker impulses toward evil because of the effects of Original Sin"

» god123123 - 12-02-04:48 -- since you like sources

» god123123 - 12-02-04:48 -- [url][/url]

» god123123 - 12-02-04:48 -- also catholicism teaches that salavation is a matter of being cahtolic - not a matter of being a good person.

» god123123 - 12-02-04:47 -- the catholic teaching is not that 'we are all sinners.' it is that people are born with original sin which they inherit - but can behave correctly if they chose to.

» god123123 - 12-02-04:47 -- [url][/url]

» god123123 - 12-02-04:46 -- "A major difference between Catholic and Protestant theology is belief in free will, in which both Luther and Calvin deny."

» apollonian - 12-02-04:46 -- I don't gotta bet--we're ALL sinners, period--and NO FREE WILL will ever change that--that's how much u know

» god123123 - 12-02-04:46 -- [url][/url]

» god123123 - 12-02-04:46 -- "A leading feature in the teaching of the Reformers of the sixteenth century, especially in the case of Luther and Calvin, was the denial of free will. "

» god123123 - 12-02-04:45 -- want to bet

» god123123 - 12-02-04:45 -- i can site the teaching i learned in cahtolic schoo. i bet wikipedia will agree too,.

» apollonian - 12-02-04:45 -- u just babble and assert crap--that's why u're such a joke

» apollonian - 12-02-04:45 -- that's ur problemo, Kane--u assert without substaniation--u need to cite sources--which u NEVER do

» god123123 - 12-02-04:44 -- catholics believe in original sin - but also believe in free will

» god123123 - 12-02-04:42 -- by the way app - catholics believe in free will. it's certain types of protestants who don't. so you syhould read up on your own doctrines.

» apollonian - 12-02-04:41 -- U're simply confirming my diagnosis--u're TOTAL psycho and narcissist--which u admit and even glory within

» god123123 - 12-02-04:40 -- but i believe people have to overcome obstacles to have free will

» god123123 - 12-02-04:39 -- correct

» god123123 - 12-02-04:39 -- like the beaver who builds the dam

» apollonian - 12-02-04:39 -- right--u believe in FREE WILL

» god123123 - 12-02-04:39 -- I make my own reality into the real reality, by action.

» apollonian - 12-02-04:39 -- u would admit, I'm sure, u MAKE ur own reality.

» apollonian - 12-02-04:38 -- --that world within ur mind which u're always making up as u go along

» apollonian - 12-02-04:38 -- I don't say u DELIBERATELY lie--but u don't really understand the diff btwn reality and the world within ur mind

» apollonian - 12-02-04:36 -- well, to begin w., Christ was HONEST--something u don't know the meaning of--everything is a big movie within ur mind

» god123123 - 12-02-04:35 -- how am I different from jesus, appolonian? (ha ha ha ha)

» god123123 - 12-02-04:34 -- I don't need "permission" to do things people say I'm incapable of doing.

» god123123 - 12-02-04:33 -- I don't accept limitations that are inaccurate.

» apollonian - 12-02-04:30 -- U don't begin to realize how PERFECTLY predictable u are

» apollonian - 12-02-04:29 -- I don't deny u're clever--after all, u found out Tony Ortega--but u're just typical kike, after all is said and done. U talk like a kike and think like a kike--kike kike kike kike kike--w. a capital K.

» apollonian - 12-02-04:27 -- the only real diff btwn u, kane, and Jews in general, is Jews in general believe that JEws COLLECTIVELY are god--whereas u pretend u personally are god

» apollonian - 12-02-04:26 -- and since u're an absolutely RAGING psycho and narcissist (like all Jews), u believe in FREE WILL, hence the idea u're actually god, ho ho ho--so of course, u believe u can do ANYTHING

» apollonian - 12-02-04:25 -- well Kane: it's matter of objectivity vs. subjectivity, hence determinism vs. free-will

» god123123 - 12-02-04:21 -- however I do agree that women and men act differently as friends. Women sit around and talk. Men play games.

» god123123 - 12-02-04:19 -- the studies before 2007 agreed with me.

» god123123 - 12-02-04:18 -- If a male puts his foot down and says he isn't going to hit on a female, he can do it.

» god123123 - 12-02-04:13 -- *platonic

» god123123 - 12-02-04:12 -- This is annoying me. If you google "plutonic friendships possible" almost all studies since 2007 say Males lack the ability to control their attractions. [url][/url] As someone who prides himself on being competitive, controlled and disciplined (when I want to be), I want to disprove this story.

» apollonian - 12-02-04:01 -- And if u're lacking (in anti-semitism), u stink-wagon, u're going to heck, for sure--just think about that, u weeenies

» apollonian - 12-02-03:51 -- See YI: a great prophet is one who clarifies and simplifies--like myself, eh?--u scum-heads just gotta get more anti-semitic if u want to make it into heaven--simple, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho ho

» apollonian - 12-02-03:42 -- All these poor slobs about us, going to heck in a hand-basket--all because they just can't summon that necessary anti-semitism

» apollonian - 12-02-03:41 -- Thus sayeth the Lord: "Thou shalt be anti-semitic, u sniveling scum," ho ho hoo ho hoo ho hoo ho

» apollonian - 12-02-03:40 -- Verily, verily, I say unto u, the world cries out for more anti-semitism, by golly

» apollonian - 12-02-03:40 -- For there's very little about life--which is so often all F*cked up--which can't be improved by more anti-semitism

» apollonian - 12-02-03:39 -- People have difficulty w. the simplicity of life--which requires sufficient anti-semitism--which anti-semitism is what our dear Lord and saviour Christ was trying to teach us all

» apollonian - 12-02-03:38 -- As Christ was dying on the cross, he said, "forgive them Lord, for they're just NOT NOT NOT anti-semitic enough, the stinking scum...." Ho ho ho hoo ho

» apollonian - 12-02-03:37 -- see, people are too often confused, ignorant, and un-educated as to what true, real Christianity is all about--it's about gosh-darned ANTI-SEMITISM, scum-buckets--I guess it just needs to be beaten into some folks, by golly

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  1. whiteniggerscumfromBBMarch 20, 2013 at 10:09 PM

    holy shit crapster! Looks like you have been making friends since you left BB. your chevron is shining a bit bright these days. c'mon back to the barrel and let's play you goofy guido. (: