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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jew criminals are powerful--as they have a powerful religion, which must be understood

Is there any existing website, group or person that you could give your support to?
(That you think is having any effect or hopefully may have some effect?)
There have been some groups in the past that have had some effect - at least for a few years
but they have lost any influence and are not likely to regain it with the hoped for audience.
....[/QUOTE]  (see, presently NNN is closed to public due to hack-attack by MOSSAD)

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Judaism: The Religion Of Criminality Par Excellence
(Apollonian, 7 Feb 13)

Gotta remember exactly, precisely what we're up against--HIGHLY ORGANIZED CRIMINALS who are totally dedicated and have nearly all the advantages, tools, and weapons to stay on top and to prevent anyone fm threatening them.

That's why CRUX to their criminal enterprise is the COUNTERFEIT scam (formally legalized) known as US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed") which gives them nearly infinite funds by which to do practically anything they want to do--no one can compete w. them--no one can even come near to competing.

Anything anyone attempts will simply be nullified and defeated by means of the criminals out-spending for funds in way of counter-measures.

Note that precisely this sort of hopeless situation has occurred before in history, and it's the purpose for the Christian religion, Christianity properly understood as worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other virtues.

Anyone who even begins to even seem like they might threaten these top criminals will be bought-off, corrupted, intimidated, co-opted, extorted, or if nothing else works, simply dis-appeared or exterminated publicly (like JFK, assassinated, his brains blown-out in broad-daylight for anyone to see).

When then u stop to think about who could possibly lead and epitomize these ultra-criminals, u begin to see the necessity, use, and "virtue," such as it is, of a CRIMINAL RELIGION--a religion that glorifies criminality.

This criminal religion will thus feature a WAR-god, war being topmost, foremost theme, and the people's obedience will be founded upon fanaticism for the pupose of victory at any cost, the whole people then, ostensibly, but especially the leadership, being worth far, far more than any individuals.

No individuals will be allowed to overcome, over-rule, or in any way hinder the large, collective war-effort or commands of the War-god.  War and the war effort is most important, never forget.  And of course the War-god's "commands" are always necessarily interpreted by the leadership.

Thus the War-god and his commands and program will be the end-all and be-all of the whole criminal people and religion REGARDLESS of any particular or even general "truth."

And of course, these criminals will NEVER think of themselves as criminals.  "REALITY," as it's understood to be, by these psychopaths, will serve their purposes (SUBJECTIVISM), mere means to the end of victory--victory is everything compared to which anything else is worth far less.

And don't forget also, that "victory" is interpreted by the leadership too.  Reality is what the leadership says it is--thus truth itself.

Thus one can see quite well-enough already the fundamental diff. in philosophy btwn the topmost criminals and anyone else, esp. Christians--it regards TRUTH, truth being worthless to the criminals excepting only as it serves as means to the end of victory at all/any cost.  To the Christian, truth is foremost, the ONLY WAY to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

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Ck Hoffman's site at for formal expositions on Jew Talmud


  1. Satan is the Hebrew word for "adversary".

  2. Righto: I use it as name for concerted, co-ordinated psycho-pathology