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Monday, February 4, 2013

Conspiracy theory?--who?--me? Ho ho ho--it's all matter of who's kidding who, that's all

Ho Ho Ho--Just Because U're "Paranoid" Doesn't Mean "Consp. Theory" Isn't True, Sucka
(Apollonian, 4 Feb 13)

Ck for NPR (ZOG-funded show) on "Consp. theory," ho ho ho ho.  See, criminals don't want us to suspect criminality, hence conspiracy.  Note: there's some irritating crap in the (NPR) show about calling-in to "contribute" to this ZOG prop., but u can fast-forward through it.

Conspiracy?--I don't see no conspiracy, ho ho ho.  Definition of conspiracy is criminal collusion ("secrecy" has nothing necessarily to do w. it).

Simplest, easiest counter-argument against those who insist upon denying "consp. theory" is bringing-up the US Federal Reserve Bank (the "Fed").  So u just ask anyone if they realize the Fed is just (legalized) COUNTERFEITING--hence fraud, hence conspiracy.

Anyone who KNOWS what the Fed does must admit it's CONSPIRACY, and if anyone denies it, one merely asks--(a) is the Fed just (legalized) COUNTERFEITING?  (b)  And so is COUNTERFEITING fraud?  Ho ho ho ho.

The clever will ask for definition of COUNTERFEITING--which then even a child understands--the printing-up of paper money.  The "clever" will persist by insisting there's "legal" printing--to which easy rebuttals can immediately be applied, for example, the phenomenon of INFLATION--so isn't inflation a fraud, an under-handed kind of taxation by which the value of money is reduced to benefit of the issuers of the money supply?  Ho ho oh ho.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

But then, question arises--How then has this Fed fraud SUCCEEDED for nearly a full hundred years?  Ho ho ho ho.  But of course, it's because of conspiracy, eh?  Ho ho ho.  For these COUNTERFEITERS just bought-up all the mass-media, becoming then the Jews-media, and this worked--until the internet, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho.  Further, a lot of folks all along KNEW the Fed was a criminal fraud (hence conspiracy)--they were just ridiculed, censored, and suppressed, as by the kikes-media, etc.

So "consp. theory" is itself really just a shallow way of metro-sexuals and other ignorant scum commiserating w. one-another--aside fm the criminals at the top using it as means of cover-up and distraction.

Thus Consp. theory is really just a question of who's kidding who?  Ho ho hoo ho.  Are kikes criminals (hence conspirators)?--Is Pope Catholic?  Ho ho ho ho

ZOG's antics are wearing thin--including this "consp. theory" crap pushed mainly by stupid metro-sexual puke.  It (psy-ops) will all come crashing-down definitively when US Dollar crashes, indubitably.  Ho ho ho ho

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  1. Jews-media is DESPERATE to effort of ridicule upon "consp. theory" theme--ck