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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's problem w. world?--too many kikes running around loose, obviously--the solution?--anti-semitism, of course, morons

What's Source Of Present Cultural Insanity?--Answer: Lack Of Anti-Semitism
(Apollonian, 6 Feb 13)

Doubt the scum/puke of Jew S A is TOTALLY insane?--ck this vid about Pres. pretending he can just kill anyone he deems "un-mutual" (or "terrorist"):

So u can be offed if the right ZOG flunky deems u "terrorist," the terrorists, never forget, having all been created, in first place, by ZOG, CIA, et al.  And observe how present Sandy-Hook hoax is now absolutely PROVEN false-flag, Emily Parker ID'd by face-recog soft-wear to be alive and sitting on Obongo's lap, after she was supposedly killed, ho hoo ho, Gene Rosen a member of Screen Actors Guild and FEMA employee (see and

I mean, everything there is is a scam of some sort--including now, we note, the recent Stupor-Bowl "black-out," ho ho ho--see

Remember most people, most of the time are just mainly scum/puke--and I know, it "takes one to know one," ho ho ho ho ho.  But furthermore, consider present time for Jew S A in Spenglerian "Decline of the West"--u KNOW there are lots and lots of stupid, stinking, scummy puke, who are horribly over-populated.

And this stinking puke went all-in for the 9/11 scam; they've stood-by for the piece-of-shit illegal alien, Obongo, now usurping Pres. office, the NDAA act, "Patriot" act, etc., etc.--HOW DOES ALL THIS STUPID CRAP GET BY in the first place?  Can anyone really be this idiotically stupid?--I hope not.

But one thing is for sure: the very FUNDAMENTAL basis of our culture, fm the very beginning, even pre-dating original USA, is our dear Christianity which enshrines anti-semitism, hatred of kikes, ABOVE ALL THINGS.

After all, it's our goddam religion to hating kikes, eh?  I mean, if u don't hate kikes, u're just basic hereticalistic puke and scum, eh?--obviously.

Seriously though, note we hate kikes as we hate LIES, Christ and Christianity standing for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all other things (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--hence, anti-semitism, kikes being worshippers of lies, liars, and lying (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

So naturally, if we've LOST this basic, essential, and precious anti-semitism, NO WONDER we (as a people, I mean, certainly not me, personally, not now that I got "ejumacated," ho ho ho) go in for all the rest of this idiotic crap--like having a veritable ape as Prez., etc.

And so, comrades: that's why I say FIRST, before anything else, we gotta basically re-capture that fundamental anti-semitism--the TRUE Christianity, as I note.  And this basic, true Christianity IS NOT "rocket-science."

For healthy, sanctifying hatred of kikes is mere reciprocal/negative of love for the original, positive value of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, as I note.

What's this?--u don't, first and most above all things, hate kikes w. purple passion?--well, obviously, that's the cause of all ur problems, dumbass.  Get a clue and get w. anti-semitism, solution of all problems, personal and societal/cultural, the proper orientation for health, wealth, and real wisdom.


  1. I have come to the realization that people will adapt to anything without much of a fight and without question no matter how repugnant and destructive this move is.

    Most people have no morals or moral compass and can too easily go along with just about anything. They instinctively see how the game is being played with the new rules and keep playing the game instead of throwing their bat on the ground and spitting on the plate and crying foul.

    I understand what motivates the kike and the glue that holds them together as a swarm.

    I just couldn't understand why non-jews would go along with them.

    It seems to be clear that four distinct groups allow this atrocity to progress.

    We have total moral-less scumbags who have no consciences and no allegiance to their own race, they don't give posterity a second thought as they do whatever they must so they can "get ahead" and partake in their sinful pleasures. They are soul-less scum.

    We have the middle manager scummy types who know what they are doing but continue to go along with the nightmare that the Jews are weaving in front of their eyes. This type is both cowardly and selfish. If they have any souls they deceive themselves by immersing in some trivial pursuit or phony new age religion to "find" salvation. These lilly-livered piles of shit illustrate the sin of ommision. They may or may not be comfortable with what's going on around them but will never do anything because they will do nothing that might risk what little crumbs they have been allotted.

    Then we have the sheep, who cannot and will not see or deal with the reality of the Jew and its devices.

    Then we have the opposition, those of us who are jew-wise and who actively fight them wherever and whenever we can.

    The only real difference in this struggle as opposed to any great struggle in history is that people no longer grasp the concept of consequences. This of course only pertains to the first two groups. The sheeple don't know and don't want to know.

    Figure out how to drive the truth of consequences into people and maybe we could get some traction.

    In saner times, the first batch of villains would face justice for their acts of criminality and treason and hence rendered de-fanged.

    The "me-me-me" types would face those consequences and the shame factor. Sadly, shame no longer exists in this Brave New World of "do-whatever-makes-you-feel-good" ( Two of the most potent tolls we had going for us are gone.

    Back to consequences. It has to be made crystal clear to people in every way possible that consequences will result from their actions, once the wanton-free-for-all illusionary world spun by Jews crashes those who have had a hand helping Jews destroy our Land and race will be dealt with.

  2. Excellent exposition, my good comrade: u have talent and insight.

    I don't dis-agree w. ur characterizations. I'm quite leery of moralism which lots of people pretend refers to "good-evil" which I don't accept.

    As Christian, I simply hold to necessity of simplicity: thus there are the Jews and their adherents/accomplices and us Christians--AND EVERYONE ELSE, basically, in btwn.

    Secondly then, note the weaklings and inferiors fall by the way-side, and as the weaklings die-out, the satanists (Jews and accomplices) will inevitably begin to in-fighting, there being "no honor among thieves."

    Such is the inevitable/inexorable "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--we Christians don't necessarily "win," but the satanists eventually kill themselves off/out.

    Thanks again for ur expo; by all means continue to think and analyze as it helps people to calculating and understanding things--even if u might not be entirely all the way exactly accurate, as long as u make us all think.