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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ron Paul Fails as he doesn't tell FULL TRUTH in CONCRETE terms for pathetic people who need to know about horrific CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY

How, Why Ron Paul So Utterly Fails--For Telling Truth
(Apollonian, 8 Jun 10)

Ron Paul (see has surely done well enough over the years and throughout his career, but presently he's failing as he does no real good in Congress, merely serving as window-dressing, lending to that utterly corrupt institution a false dignity and legitimacy.

Paul never fully succeeded as he's always been far too intellectual and abstract for his language. People need to be instructed by means of most CONCRETE terms which even children can understand.

For Congressmen nowadays don't serve the people they supposedly "represent"; rather, they only now serve their election campaign contributors who pay them, representatives dependent upon such money for their elections due to tremendous numbers of people they now represent.

And of course, it's true Paul must take care and beware he isn't assassinated by resident and ruling criminals and oligarchs of Wash. DC for being too effectively truthful and informative.

For too many people in USA and world still don't understand that basic and necessary truth sufficient for their enlightenment and liberation regarding criminal conspirators and COUNTERFEITERS (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) who dominate and rule.

For once people understand real, sheer CRIMINAL nature of Fed COUNTERFEITING, they'd surely see the urgent peril they're in. And of course there are futher circumstances people need to face--esp. regarding that horrific fallacy/delusion/heresy of moralism-Pharisaism which conditions their mentality so fatally.

And then finally there are the criminals themselves to be dealt with, including topmost masterminds who are so infinitely and endlessly clever, and who can't really be touched without first dealing w. their devoted body-guards, the latter-day "Praetorians," so indispensible, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, those amazingly deluded apostates who end worshipping very opposite of what they imagined they started out in favor of--TRUTH against lies and conspiracy--JCs now gross lickspittles and slaves to lies and murderous criminals.

Paul's greatest fault then is pretending criminal COUNTERFEITERS are "well-intended"--they're absolutely NOT, without any doubt. And poor, stupid people are thus pathetically un-aware of the horrendous, integrally organized CONSPIRACY they're up against.

So fools are going to die--on massive scale--if they don't get wise soon. Such is the tragedy we're all presently facing, and Ron Paul is now past his prime for ability or potential in solving the problem. The recent in-ur-face mass-murder by Israeli terror-state upon high seas is case-in-pt., speaking for itself most eloquently, and it's these same people who are behind the Fed scam--which Paul can't bring himself to divulge to the people--at least as long as he's stuck in Wash. DC.

CONCLUSION: Paul should simply resign his Congressional position so as to enable himself to speaking most truthfully, pointedly, and effectively. It's truly Jews, stupid. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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