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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prof. Kevin MacDonald--works for Jews, never doubt

[Here below-copied, is ltr I sent a little over two weeks ago to Prof. MacDonald of's never answered--for obvious reason, he works for Jews, taking their money and instructions--what else could be working? Also note I had this item up on my blogs, and I want to be sure to get it back on record. A.]

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Comrades: I just sent below-copied. By all means, send ur own msgs to urge MacDonald to address my ltr and its issues. Thanks for ur help. A.

--- On Sat, 5/15/10, apollonian wrote:

From: Apollonian, Subject: ltr to ed: latest blog on race-war, ignoring prior cause of criminal Fed COUNTERFEITING....To: editors@theoccidentalobserver.netDate: Saturday, May 15, 2010, 3:45 PM

Dear Prof. MacDonald:

I note ur latest blog article at The Occidental Observer blog (TOO []), 15 May, "Kevin MacDonald: The Arizona Ethnic Studies Law: The Last Gasp of American Individualism," and I commend u once again for ur cogency in bringing facts to bear in compelling manner. Further, I quite agree there's problem for potential race war.

But I emphatically disagree with u very much for the basic causes involved and the real, most essential problem--I say it isn't primarily a matter of race-war, or even necessarily race itself whatsoever--it's rather a matter, first and foremost, of CRIMINAL conspiracy.

Thus it is my contention that source of potential racial problems u otherwise rightly invoke are to be found in criminals and their activities, which criminals want to use race and race-war as means of masking and hiding themselves and their criminal activities, diverting the people's attention from this more basic, PRIOR CRIMINAL conspiracy which specifically has to do with COUNTERFEITING of nation's money supply by means of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).

Note I have further supplied references for this Fed conspiracy and criminal enterprise in way of G. E. Griffin's website,; also there's Griffin's printed work on the subject is "The Creature From Jekyll Island."

I contend further your efforts regarding potential up-coming race-war are mis-guided if u fail to keep properly in mind this prior, under-lying cause, Fed COUNTERFEITING conspiracy.

Further still, failure to duly note prior cause of Fed COUNTERFEIT scam and diverting attention to racial problems ONLY HELPS and serves interests of Fed criminals and indeed, actually exacerbates the burgeoning race problem u urself invoke and emphasize.

Finally, I note I've brought up these very above-mentioned points and observations for u and others on ur TOO blog which u've never addressed, to my knowledge, and indeed u have banned me fm further commentary. So I urge u to take opportunity to address these issues--how is it ur actions are not simply supporting and favoring the Fed criminals and COUNTERFEITERS afore-mentioned? Thanks for ur attention.

Sincerely, Apollonian

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