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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here's another brilliant work expositing 9-11 inside job--great for details AND theory, "The Hidden History..."

Book Review For "The Hidden History Of 9-11" (Paul Zarembka, Ed.):
Devil Is Truly In Details
(Apollonian, 14 Jun 10)

Gad, but we live in truly horrific times--a fool's paradise yet, within ZOG-Mammon Empire-of-lies, within which empire is crammed millions upon millions of the most brain-dead, God-forsaken, dumb sons-of-bitches--and I kid u not--it isn't exaggeration to so speak such gory truth un-varnished. Observe further the so-called "President" of USA is a gross usurper, born to a foreigner, this "pres." probably an illegal alien himself for all we citizens know.

Thus USA has a foreign debt larger now than GDP, Israel, an enemy terror-state blatantly murders, execution-style, an American citizen, among others too who were similarly murdered, on the high seas (31 May 10, Gaza relief flotilla), and USA leadership, along w. "Jews-media" helps Israel cover it up.

Moreover, even though USA is literally bankrupt, yet the leadership continues merrily to massive deficit spending for genocidal wars benefitting only the oligarchy, including esp. foreigners and Jews who want to impose communist dictatorship over the whole world including the shit-for-people in USA.

So what's happening?--simple--it's "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, ever-quickening, soon to culminate in absolute catastrophe, not mere disaster, like nuclear war, USA most horribly over-populated with puke for people who care only for entertainment, un-concerned w. the mass-murder they sponsor, as they have in Iraq.

Almost 3,000 (actually about 2600 now, according to revised official tabulation) of their fellow citizens are blatantly murdered on 9-11, and this shit for a people register only enough to giving-up their Const. rights, the stupid scum, brainless son-of-a-bitches, truly.

Such is the horror of hubris, madness and blindness of scummy, shitty puke of a "citizenry" who/which ignore obvious fact (a) WCT buildings HAD to have been deliberately demolished with pre-wired explosives, (b) their own Air Force was deliberately "stood-down," and (c) "investigating" "commission" delivered a blatant cover-up filled with most idiotic lies, distortions, and omissions, all abundantly documented by author, David Ray Griffin, for one.

But wait, we now further have additional, most cogent details published in a book in 2006, "The Hidden History of 9-11-2001," edited by Paul Zarembka of Dept. of Economics, State Univ. of N.Y. at Buffalo, NY, with copious notes and ref.s, 374 pages w. index. And these details are NOT inconsiderable though there is one chapter included at the very end which is totally, absolutely irrelevant to strict 9-11 story, this chapter having to do w. the UK Pension System.

First chapt., by Jay Kolar, covers the hijackers; bottom-line is we literally know NOTHING whatsoever, even whether there were any hijackers in first place. We do know however, much other FBI testimony is proven to be lies. For there's NO VERIFICATION whatsoever for alleged 19 hijackers, no less than 10 of whom have turned out to be alive, another one proven to have died a year earlier. Kolar plainly states, "...the government, . . . has as its goal to cover-up what happened that day [9-11]."

In fact, Kolar notes, regarding these "hijackers," it was nothing but an amazingly elaborate scam carefully, even though error-ridden throughout, for serious believability, concocted and perpetrated by FBI and other gov. agencies and officials. "This pattern of doubling (of agents' identities), together with evidence of patsies, cut-outs, national security overrides, protected hijacker activities, and of the hands of controller-moles pulling the strings from inside . . . all suggest entire 9-11 scenario was a covert US intelligence operation," Kolar observes.

Paul Zarembka covers, in chapt. two, the solid evidence of insider trading which was widely noted fm the beginning, and which the 9-11 commission covered-up so miserably. Further Zarembka goes into some detail regarding the conventional "Jews-media" cover-ups, observing upon such things as "put-options," and "short-selling." One interesting tid-bit is five minutes before the attack, "the entire Deutsche Bank computer system had been taken over by something external . . . and every file was downloaded at lightening speed to an unknown location." Of course the 9-11 commision says nothing whatever about such info.

Chapt. Three is by David Ray Griffin who explains why the official account CANNOT be true--this material is also available in Griffin's own books. For one simple thing, numerous witnesses testified to hearing numerous, multiple explosions prior to WTC collapses--evidence which was typically and even idiotically suppressed by 9-11 commission.

Chapt. Four, by Don Jacobs/Four Arrows, then covers the "military drills"--there were at least five and probably six on that day--on 9-11 which helped to confuse the people involved and provided cover for the attacks, allowing the attacks to succeed as they did, targets being hit, the US Air Force "stood-down" and otherwise diverted. Obviously these war-games could NOT have been done by the Arabs or Muslims. And again, both the 9-11 commission and Jews-media covered-up info on these war-games "drills."

Chapt. five, by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, beginning the book's third part, places over-all context to those most excellent details covered in the first four chapters. What in fact is "Al Qaeda" anyway?--and I'll just quote fm chapter's beginning abstract which is thereupon further most excellently detailed by Ahmed:

"Western covert operations and military-intelligence connections in strategic regions show that "al Qaeda" is a network whose raison d'etre and modus operandi are inextricably embedded in a disturbing conglomerate of international Western diplomatic, financial, military and intelligence policies today. . . . Western power routinely manipulates al Qaeda through a complex network of state-regional and human nodes. Such manipulation extended directly to the 9-11 hijackers, and thus to the events of 9-11 itself."

Further, fm the first section of the chapt. essay, "Critical analysis of reports surrounding groups identified as belonging to "al Qaeda" discloses a clear pattern: that these networks operate according to a common trajectory, conducive to Western interests."

David MacGregor then, in sixth chapt., exposits 9-11 as "'Machiavellian State Terror,' advancing the ruling agenda while disguising itself as the work of [others] . . . opposed to the state's . . . principles." MacGregor cites example of Stalin killing Kirov in 1934 and then further using it to advance his own agenda. But then MacGregor details specifically the Canadian state murder of a "terrorist" named Mario Bachand in 1971 and using it to blaming "terrorist groups" opposed to Canadian gov.

In the seventh chapt. Bryan Sacks details some of the gross lies and distortions of the 9-11 investigating "commission" which simply, along w. mass-corporate Jews-media, continued the narrative campaign of lies put out by the presiding Bush administration. Sacks thus very well and effectively supplements the work already done by David Ray Griffin.

Finally (I won't bother consideration of the last, irrelevant, chapt. of the book regarding the UK Pension system), we have a most carefully specified "motive" advanced by Diana Ralph for the criminal 9-11 strike--"...securing the American empire abroad and muzzling democracy . . . at home." Thus the "war on terror" " modelled on Islamophobic stereotypes . . . developed by the Israeli Likkud and Bush Sr. in 1979. . . . designed to inspire popular support for US wars of world conquest."

Ralph's essay/chapt. is particularly poignant and well-detailed at same time as being brief enough to fit in extremely well with the other good chapters by Ahmed and MacGregor. So the book, "Hidden History of 9-11," ends up being most brilliant and effective work for overall exposition and demonstration of both particular and general conspiracy theory.

CONCLUSION: Another great virtue of "Hidden History...," is it well affords understanding in accord w. even more simplified theory founded upon that basic COUNTERFEIT fraud, the Fed (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]), which then gives best context of all for things conspiratorial. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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