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Monday, June 14, 2010

"Nazis"--have u noticed what empty, superficial side-show these people nearly ALWAYS turn out to be?--only decent ones, like Bill White, are jailed

"(we already know the location of the library)" -12:28pm--See, "White Nationalist...," comments, 12 Jun 10.

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"Nazis"--Why Are They So Empty For Real Substance?

(Apollonian, 14 Jun 10)

So the Jew-queers know "location of the library"--soooooooo what, queer-Jews? What's "conclusion" to ur idiotic Jew-queer premises? See above-noted ref.

My "audience"?--it's same as for any Christian's, dumb-ass Jew-queers and puke-scum-filth.

White Reference has some good stories and articles--but has never developed a genuine substantial following. There's no real discussion of substantial issues on White Reference--NONE. About the ONLY thing of any significance whatever is illegal immigration which is really a subordinate issue to the primary Jew-led conspiracy at Fed COUNTERFEIT agency--see below ref. Otherwise there's only some legal notation for police-state oppression imposed by ZOG-Mammon against selected activists.

Then again there's really little discussion of any substance ANYWHERE--esp. for such as or occidental dissent--and I learned quite a lot just last month about Kevin MacDonald at occidental observer, what a joke.

And all the while, USA continues down the toilet, the nat. debt now larger than entire GDP, USA now not even capable of paying the interest. Notice how few of the air-heads who comment here on white reference even begin to care about such significant cultural indicators.

Next, US Dollar is going to fail as world "reserve" currency, soon, very soon--when that happens, we're all going to know what it's like for third-world status. There's going to be literal starvation--and observe these stupid queers who comment here haven't the slightest concern.

So it really looks like only total, absolute catastrophe, economic and otherwise, is really going to affect people in any significant manner, and implications are frightening, truly. But old "rocky Suhayda" remains "UN-AFRAID"--isn't that wonderful and inspiring?--what a "thoughtful" racialistic he really must be, connected w. that Jew money.

Thus we see again, most active force in USA is (still) that Jewwy money power, drawing fm their COUNTERFEIT scam, still on-going, the Fed (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]), fount of all their seemingly ENDLESS funding--by which they support the "nazis" who attempt to decoying fm the real anti-semitic movement led by true Christians who are still so few.

For that's where the real action is--CHRISTIANITY--and the most urgent pt. now is to make it once more into the active, virile, healthy anti-semitic force it once was. But we see how Jews have neutralized such Christianity--by means of false Mammonist "prosperity" to which so many are so pathetically addicted.

Thus real Christianity is NOT mystic, but profoundly rationalistic, opposing Jew hystericism and obsessive psychopathology. "Faith" only properly means LOYALTY, that's all--it's NOT a means of miracles or magic.

CONCLUSION: And most of all, the place to STRIKE is at Jews' WEAKNESS, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist accomplices to Jews who so profoundly intimidate everyone else of American culture. "Nazis" are a gross distraction, diversion, and side-show who say nothing of substance for any issues--hence we must conclude "nazis," so profoundly EMPTY for substance, could only be creatures of Jew funding serving Jew purposes. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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