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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Namby-pamby, easy-going, "good-natured," go-along to get-along cowardly puke are surely NOT going to survive, comrades--get real, get serious

Nature Of Jews Must Be Understood: They Are Leaders Of Subjectivism
(Apollonian, 19 Jun 10)

"White Buff": half-baked people like u are DOOOOOMED--u are truly "goyim" (cattle) in the literal sense of the word--and the Jews are absolutely right about creatures like u with little spirit, little passion, little imagination, little brains. See below-copied fm, "Quantum...," 15 Jun 10, comments. No wonder Jews have no respect and very little fear for likes of u.

And u lie about history which u know so little about, obviously. U should ck into Talmudism and the citations I gave u ( and

What Jews are, very simply, are TOP-MOST COUNTERFEITING masterminds (proven by history--see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) and then associated cadre, including enforcers, for that criminal element which is most active agent within ZOG-Mammon emp.-of-lies. Removing Jews effectively DE-CAPITATES that conspiracy, destroying its organization, rendering rest of the job mere effort of "mopping-up."

Note further, I don't say it's ONLY Jews--it's entire system of that culture/mentality of lies, lying, and liars, all founded upon SUBJECTIVISM and then, esp. moralism-Pharisaism whence people are suckered (by themselves, at first, in their hubris in all cases) into thinking reality/truth is trumped by means of moralism. Thus people fatuously tell themselves "reality must be this way, why?--because it's "good" to think that way."

Subjectivism, foundation of lies, then is possible to anyone, of course, but gentiles are notoriously isolated and individualistic for their hubris (just look at Wm. Grigg), whereas Jews are typically united, collectivistic, "connected," and highly organized--ALWAYS--for such is nature of Jews, the very inventors of communism/bolshevism.

CONCLUSION: So never forget I advocate IN FAVOR of Christian TRUTH--which then automatically entails anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9). Of course then anti-semitism isn't all there is to Christian TRUTH, but it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and of HIGHEST PRIORITY in interests of removing a distinct and definite, grave, horrific danger to humanity. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

---------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------------

whitebuffalo said...
apollonian said, "White Buffalo," I say u're full of it, totally--there's never going to be perfection...

Geez, lighten up dude. My comment was merely a play on the French revolution slogan that went something like "there won't be peace on earth until the last monarch is strangled with the entrails of the last priest"...

As for your ceaseless rantings against "the Jews", good lord man, do you really think that if every Jew on the face of the earth was suddenly sent to hell the human race would be better off? History suggests otherwise.
June 18, 2010 9:41 PM

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