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Monday, June 21, 2010

Grigg senses he cannot continue his dialectic, thus he must resort to pure censorship, knowing his "logic" now is too obviously, childishly absurd

[Grigg has here reached end-of-his-rope for dialectic, breaking off as he does, pathetic little worm who insists upon dictating to us white volk as to reality and "morality." A.]
* * * * *
Grigg, Non-White Inferior, Bereft Of Any Substantial Argument, Now Invokes Censorship, Obvious Last Resort
(Apollonian, 21 Jun 10)

Golly gee Grigg: what's ur problem?--I'm following our conversation/discussion of the racial topic quite well, I'd say--but it's u who wiggles and squirms like the fish trying to get free of proverbial hook--why NOT continue the thread right here? [See below-copied fm, "Quantum...," 15 Jun 10, comments.] There's surely no more appropriate place than here, obviously.

Indeed Grigg is desperate to break off the dialectic as he's in small child's sad position of denying evident reality, reduced to absurdity: issue is not necessarily "pure-blood" races--but simply RACE itself.

Grigg now, aside fm trying to evade holohoax lies issue, wants to prejudice the issue of race by means of attacking the red-herring phrase "pure-blood." Obviously, establishing race itself as something of integral identity must suffice for "pure-blood," the two essentially then the same.

Grigg, like the squirming Talmudist and Jew, wants to fudge, fudge, fudge the issue(s) and every part thereto any way he can in order to win his pt., pretending he, a non-white by his own admission, is now father of a white person--talk about hysterical, obsessive "mono-mania."

Thence Grigg tries "turning tables," accusing me of subjectivism. But in affirming evident and widely agreed-upon reality of race (thus for practical purposes, "pure-blood"), founded solidly in sense-perception of all people, even of different race, I consider I heed to that common, objective reality of all rational folk--it's Grigg who exerts and expresses his own petulant subjectivism. Let the reading audience decide--which Grigg wants to prevent by means of censorship expressed in his typical, usual, smug, patronizing manner.

Grigg's hatred of white folk and their rationalist culture, founded in objectivity, is most expressed in this fatuous smugness and patronizing manner of Grigg's.

Bereft for any substantive argument of his own, Grigg now must attack style of expression, pretending a lack of "intelligibility"--but his desperate child's arguments and evasions only prove my statements are perfectly intelligible--and that Grigg cannot handle them.

And "Phenotypes" are not same as race, Grigg, but merely an outer manifestation, half the genes always hidden in recessivity. Jews then are race of people following a culture (Talmudism) which must, at least eventually, at some pt., necessarily express itself in some unique fashion, making members of that race similar to one another, dis-similar to anyone else--all in accord w. common-sense notions of race, verified fm dictionary--those descended fm common ancestors, peculiar to them alone, Q.E.D.
So once again Grigg: it's we whites (u know who/what we are, perfectly well) who are the natives and citizens of USA and its Constitution--u're just a mascot, quite literally, w. presumptuous delusions of grandeur, practically insisting u're whiter than white itself, in ur absurd way, so fatuously moralistic which now must resort to sheer pontifical censorship.

For a race of people are those differentiated fm others beginning in physical features, race obviously descended fm common ancestors peculiar to them, consummated then in CULTURE.

And culturally, u, Mr. Grigg, are a gross anomaly against white Americans, the REAL Americans, without the slightest doubt, insisting arbitrarily to ur peculiar declarations regarding race--against the plain facts and against all human reason, usage, and convention, pretending as u do to being holier-than-thou, Grigg the sole arbiter, without reference, sense, or reason.

CONCLUSION: It's ur blog, Grigg, go ahead and censor my dialectic--quite stupid in view of previous entries, though--but then again, necessary in view of ur now desperate situation for logic, sense, and facts. U only thus prove what extreme enemy of the native white people and their culture u really are--and the great necessity and virtue for heeding to strictest racial loyalty. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian
---------------above by Ap in response to below-copied--------------

William N. Grigg said...
Grigg: why were u let go fm New American?--do u think it was, at least partially, ur persistent publication/affirmation of holohoax lies?
You should take up that question with Jack McManus, who sees the world much as you do. This would be a challenging conversation, since it is as difficult for Jack to tell the truth as it is for you to write intelligibly (is it even possible to converse in texting shorthand?).
Jews are NOT "white" Mr. Grigg--no more than mestizos and mulattos--u already admitted ur wife is Jew or part Jew
There are Jews of every conceivable phenotype, from fair-skinned, blonde-over-blue to mahogany-hued Ethiopians. I'm surprised that someone as monomaniacal on the subject as yourself would miss that rather large and obvious fact.
"white" is an abstraction, hence it requires definition--thus for it to have any real meaning "white" cannot have any part non-white--otherwise everything is "white" but for pure-blood non-white, obviously.
You're not describing an abstraction, but rather a figment of imagination. There is no such thing as ethnic purity -- outside of a handful of severely isolated enclaves (and then only dubiously within them). Defining one's worldview with reference to a mythical abstraction is a symptom of incurable subjectivism, is it not?
Tell you what: Rather than replying on this thread, why don't you hang out your own cyber-shingle and dispense your insights, such as they are, in that forum?
June 20, 2010 5:46 PM


  1. [Here below-copied is latest fm "Lemuel Gulliver," suck-along to Grigg. My comments within text, capped, bracketed. A.]

    * * * * *

    Lemuel Gulliver said...

    "My post was already so long that I did not give citations [U DON'T HAVE ANY CITATIONS HERE EITHER, MORON: U'RE JUST A BRAINLESS LIAR.]

    "...for some of my historical assertions. Nevertheless all of them are factual. [U'RE JUST A LIAR IS ALL U ARE.]

    "Your tone to Mr. Grigg is [HONEST, STRAIGHT-FORWARD, AND RIGHT TO THE PT., I'D SAY.]

    "...aggressive and baitingly provocative. [WELL, THAT'S UR OPINION.]


    "If you do not behave as a guest should, he would be within his rights to ask you to leave. [NO SHIT, SHERLOCK.]

    "Re. the "Holohoax," I have EXTENSIVELY studied all sides of this question. [U'RE EITHER A LIAR OR A GROSSLY INCOMPETENT SCHOLAR.]


    "...would like to say that the Nazis murdered not a single Jew. [WELL THIS IS JUSTIFIED UNLESS U CAN PROVE OTHERWISE--WHICH U DON'T, STUPID FOOL.]

    "The Jews would like to say that the Nazis murdered six million of them. I believe the truth lies somewhere in between. [RIGHT--U'RE JUST A SCUMMY, MORONIC LIAR AND INCOMPETENT.]


    "...that the SS murdered some half-million Russian civilians in Operation Barbarossa, most being Communist Party officials, and among these were at least 300,000 Jews. [LYING PUNK, U GIVE NO PROOF, NO CITATIONS WHATEVER.]

    "Hitler asked the Gestapo to do the job, Gestapo General Heinrich Mueller refused, [I DOUBT GESTAPO WOULD OR COULD DO THIS, LYING MORON, WHO GIVES NO CITATIONS.]

    "...and so Himmler's SS did the necessary work. It is all documentd by daily body count reports, still to be found in the German archives. [LYING MORON WHO GIVES NO SUBSTANTIAL, CREDIBLE CITATIONS, STUPID FOOL EXPECTING US TO SIMPLY TAKE UR IDIOTIC WORD.]

    "There is also no doubt [AGAIN, U'RE JUST A PRESUMPTUOUS MORON.]

    "...that Odilo Globocnik [NEVER HRD OF HIM.]

    "...murdered nearly 2 million Jews in the camps he ran in Poland - Adolf Eichmann admitted as much in his trial [YEAH--IN A TRIAL BY JEWS IN JERUSALEM WHERE HE WAS THREATENED W. MURDER OF HIS FAMILY, NO DOUBT, LIKE JEWS DID TO GERMANS AT NUREMBERG AND OTHER TRIAL AFTER THE WAR, U UTTER, COMPLETE FOOL.]

    [------see below for part two to above entry---------A.]

  2. [---------here's part two to above entry----------A.]

    * * * * *

    "...testimony, which is available on several sites. A huge number of Jewish survivors after the war had lost their entire extended families. [THESE ARE JUST JEW LIES, NOT PROVEN, AND U GIVE NO CITATIONS.]

    "It is also true that the figure of 6 million was arrived at by deduction - by counting prewar and postwar Jewish populations. This is not an accurate method. A huge number of Jews prewar emigrated to Argentina, Palestine, America, Britain, and many other countries. Also, as I mentioned, Stalin killed at least 300,000 of the disappeared Jews. [RIGHT, BRAINLESS MORON--AND WHAT ARE UR CITATIONS, IDIOT?]

    "And a great many died of "natural" causes - disease and hunger - in the camps. The original number of murdered proposed at Nuremberg was 20 million, but this was obviously preposterous, and it was reduced and reduced till six million was finally arrived at. Even this number is highly doubtful. [STUPID ASS--NOTHING IS ACCEPTABLE UNLESS IT'S PROVEN--WHICH NOTHING EVER WAS REGARDING JEW LIES.]

    "It was, for example, also alleged at Nuremberg that 30,000 were gassed at Dachau. In fact Dachau had no gas chambers (it was only a few miles outside Munich and this could easily be verified) but did have crematoria for disposing of the dead, who mostly died of typhus due to overcrowding. After Nuremberg the number "gassed at Dachau" was eventually officially revised down to zero.

    "So the likeliest number for the planned extermination of Jews is anywhere from 2.5 million to 3.0 million. Nobody knows, [NO INDEED, LEAST OF ALL AN INCOMPETENT LIAR LIKE URSELF.]

    "...and neither side wants to make a serious effort to arrive at a real figure. [U'RE A GROSS, IDIOTIC LIAR.]

    "Even so, this was a horrendous crime, in my opinion mostly because of its coldly deliberate nature. [U'RE A COLD-BLOODED LIAR URSELF, SCUMMY PUNK.]

    "However, it has ever since been used - or abused - by Jews, who never suffered these horrors, to extort untold tens of billions of guilt-money from Germany, the USA, Switzerland, and other countries. I highly recommend you to read the book "The Holocaust Industry" by Norman Finkelstein, [I READ THIS JEW PRODUCTION, AND IT ACTUALLY MOSTLY EXPOSES JEW LIES W. CONCESSION TO OBLIGATORY JEW RELIGIOUS LIES ABOUT SAME OLD "PERSECUTION" OF POOOOOOOOR JEW-JEWS BY GOYIM.]

    "...whose mother had an Auschwitz number tattooed on her arm, and who only ever received some $1,000 in compensation from these "Holocaust Reparations" organizations, out of the hundred billion or more dollars they have managed to extort. If she had received her fair share thereof, it should have been at least a million dollars, not a thousand. The rest of this blood-money was stolen by professional extortionist Jews who obviously care not one flea-fart for the sufferings their own people endured. [BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.]

    "In fact, we Gentiles probably feel more horror at those events than those Jews who profess such outrage, and chant "Never Again" as justification for all their murders, thefts, corruption, and viciousness.

    "In closing, please be less rude and provocative toward Mr. Grigg. [I'LL JUST CONTINUE TO SPEAK THE TRUTH EXPOSING HIS STUPID LIES, NO LESS THAN URS.]

    "He is a fine man and a crusader for truth and justice, [HE'S A BRAINLESS LYING PUNK, NO LESS THAN U URSELF, SCUM.]

    "...who deserves our gratitude, not our baiting.

    "Lemuel Gulliver."

    June 22, 2010 4:40 AM

    Lemuel Gulliver said...
    PS: Apollonian,
    (Hoping you read this...) You characterize Jews as "Hook-nosed monstrosities." Do you know why Jews have such big noses? Because air is free!
    (Joke told to me by a Jew - some of the nicer ones ARE able to laugh at themselves.)
    - Lemuel.

    June 22, 2010 10:36 AM

  3. Grigg Special Pleads On Different Issues, Under-Cutting His Arguments
    (Apollonian, 23 Jun 10)

    Golly gee, Mr. Grigg: I don't know what ur complaint here is, exactly--the cop and his people who support him merely argue for a certain SUBJECTIVIST understanding of the law wherein it's permitted for him to act in his arbitrary manner, right? See, "The Police...," 21 Jun 10.

    And cop and his supporters have more COUNTERFEITED money, than u do, to fund resources to back them up--as in court and by means of "Jews-media" (see't they?--so their "right" to beat people up will probably stand, won't it?

    U urself are no different, are u?--as when u attempt to arguing there's no such thing as race--as when u say there is no "pure-blood" race. I simply observe--along w. numerous others on basis of COMMON SENSE (hence objectivity)--race is race, and race is legitimate concept. Hence "pure-blood" is perfectly appropriate to that concept of race.

    So what u're doing, Mr. Grigg, very simply, is SPECIAL PLEADING, arguing in one instance for objective understanding of law, but then throwing away such objectivity when it comes to race--which race is legitimate concept which has been understood for all history among all peoples.

    Then u have gall to saying I'm subjective(!).

    So u see Grigg, it's hard not only to sympathize w. u and ur various positions on things when u're so selective for ur premises which aren't consistent. One has difficulty merely understanding. U want an objective understanding for law and enforcement--BUT NOT for such as race.

    CONCLUSION: For if u admit there's race, u must admit there's pure-blood for that race. And if u want to pretend there's no pure-blood, then u're saying there's no race, and u need to make some kind of argument rather than childish assertions. For it's surely same basic issue of OBJECTIVITY here for law--but correct me if I'm wrong. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian