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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Snippy metro-sexuals tell us all about how to talk to half-breeds....

It (above story url) was story on the MSN web-page, and the discussion was on face-book page which I don't want to get involved with, so it wasn't posted.

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Being Mixed-Race Is Nothing To Be Proud About--On The Contrary
(Apollonian, 7 May 15)

Well, being mixed-race is like being half-breed and half-caste--lacking in integrity, the victim of psychotic parents.  WHY did the parents betray their respective peoples, mating w. a rival and enemy race?--what is wrong w. mating w. one of one's own race, thus producing in like-ness of one's ancestors?--there's obvious problem of loyalty for the mixed-race offspring, poor victim of parents' dis-loyalty, self-indulgence, and gross irrationality.

Mixing-race is insulting to one's ancestors, obviously, an affront to the race/culture of ancestors--that's what race-mixing is all about--rejection of race/culture of ancestors, breeding up a mixed-race, mongrelized monstrosity, a horrific half-baked COMPROMISE, product of RAPE.  The mixed-race off-spring will un-questionably and obviously feel conflicted for cultural-racial loyalty.  For the human condition is and has always been one primarily of warfare and conflict, problems constantly arising.

A mixed-race is a CONQUERED race--as of the "mestizo" population of Mexico, for example, the men killed, the Indian women having been raped by the Spanish conquerors.  Only metro-sexual fools and air-heads, like the author of this moronic article, for example, would so breezily and brainlessly over-look such obvious racial-cultural COMPROMISE and degradation.

But race-mixing is un-questionably encouraged by Jews, for example, along w. their anti-human and satanic allies among the population--especially homosexuals and air-headed morons known as "metro-sexuals," these "metros" essentially the weak-minded allies of the homosexual narcissists, criminals, psychotics, and perverts.

For never doubt or forget the basic nature of life--WAR, strife, and conflict, and racial loyalty is absolutely essential for culture and individual psychology--why the Jew satanists (a redundancy) encourage race-mixing and perversions like homosexuality--they want to keep the gentiles weak and at odds w. one-another, the better for Jews to dominate over a race of degraded half-breeds.

One must take general note of the mentality of this entire article oriented towards the air-brain and weak-minded "metro-sexual" element of a corrupt middle-class society, degenerate and in such horrific decline as we see in USA and West, in general, the people demoralized by the Jews at the top who've looted the economy and are now fomenting war against the poor Muslims and war among the gentiles themselves as we see presently in Ukraine, unfortunately.

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