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Monday, May 11, 2015

Alex Jones (, such a pathetic, total moron--doesn't even take his own analysis seriously: All terrorism is caused by ZOG, et al....

Alex Jones: Fat-Head Redneck Flunky For Jews, ZOG--How And Why I Hate Him So
(Apollonian, 11 May 15)

One of the primary reasons I hate Alex Jones ( is his idiot, moronic, fat-head, redneck HUBRIS--how, for example, he brags and gloats, like the Jews he works for, that he's example of self-made success in "free-enterprise," the stupid, lying, little bastard, puke, fat-head moron.  No, the dumb piece-of-shit is simply the Jews' flunky, mouth-piece, and apologist (as he proves so often)--THAT and only that is why he's rich and "successful."  And if the lying son-of-a-bitch was ever to tell real truth about kikes, like about their filthy Talmud (see for best Talmudic expo, also, for example, not to mention their putrid history, he'd be instantaneously destroyed, raided, swat-teamed, and quite possibly assassinated.

So let me give just a couple of recent examples how the stupid fat-head redneck works for kikes, beginning w. "Jade-helm" "exercise" preliminary for martial law.  Jones now says two contradictory things, (a) that it's NOT martial law, BUT (b) that it's something leading to it.  Well, Jones is right about (b)--it's necessary preliminary, hence integral, necessary part.  SO it is part of the obvious, necessary plot towards martial law.  ZOG really suckered him though, getting him to frantically deny it's martial law.  And he really looks like the dumb-ass moron he really is for all his flailing hemming and hawing about the issue.  But the people in general are hip, so it doesn't really matter too much, I'd say.  Overall, Jones still puts out enough info on the subject to fairly well compensate for any errors he's made.

But the other issue Jones really, seriously falls-down for analysis, and that's the recent false-flag entrapment of the Muslims who tried to shoot-up the "Draw Muhammed" Cartoon contest in Tx. hosted by the kikess, Pam Geller, an obvious provocateur who helped set-up the entire incident.  Jones totally misses this part as he babbles and sputters about Geller's right to free expression, etc.--precisely what ZOG wants, Jones hence helping to push the overall ZOG lies that there are "radical" Islamists to be worried about, the dumb piece-of-shit scum.

For comrades: ALL "TERRORISM" IS CAUSED BY ZOG, CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, Saudi and Paki secret svc, etc.--ALL OF IT, as we know--and Pam Geller is integral part, knowing and willing, and this moron Jones goes along.

Thus our Constitutional rights, not to mention our rule-of-law has been destroyed by this terrorism TOTALLY created by ZOG, and Jones fails to nail this fact especially in this instance, when he should know better.

And note this ALL goes together--the afore-mentioned "terror" incident in Tx. was classic, obvious psy-ops, and it goes PERFECTLY along w. "Jade-helm," and the dumbass red-neck moron, Jones, TOTALLY misses it.  Recent Baltimore riots also were integral part in overall plan too, obviously.
Jones is such a stupid bastard it isn't funny, and he's integral part of the Jew conspiracy, Jones just pretending he's too stupid and "moral" to be able to spot it out, Jones imagining Judaic satanism is compatible w. the real Christianity.  But still, it really looks like such stupid puke as Jones is the best thing we have for (don't choke) "independent media," ho ho ho oh ho hoh oho.

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