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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bad as Alex Jones ( is, he must be used against the other Jews, we promoting in-fighting among kikes....

Originally Posted by Smedley Butler View Post
The Congoids placed in positions of power like a few eviljellicultists serve their masters, who want us crushed completely.

Infowars/fat boy doesn't want to talk about who is behind placing savage emotional get Whitey apes that are put in these position's, of course. If we were on line, I would not want that web site address on here, just my opinion.

Jones is in the Halvin Turder COINTELPRO department IMO.
Necessary Strategy Must Encourage Top Kike Powers To Fighting One-Another, DON'T FORGET
(Apollonian, 12 May 15)

Yes (to above by "Smedley"), but Jones ( is USEFUL for some good info on such as GMO foods (poison), vaccines, and other medical topics, also gun-rights.

Jones' analysis actually closely follows the Birchers ( whose analysis isn't bad, but doesn't go far enough and all the way to kikes.

And of course Jones is putrid Judeo-Christian heretic (see and to know if Jones really doesn't know basic stuff about Jew Talmud, how it gloats over having killed Christ, etc.

REMEMBER: we gentiles are COOKED--there's no hope (we can do very little by ourselves)--at this pt. we must depend upon the top (Jew) powers falling-out w. one-another, "left" vs. "right," the "Left" led by such as Obola, hitlery, and now lately, Elizabeth Warren, the Senator fm Mass., vs. the "right" and "neo-cons" who lead the "Judeo-Christian" puke.

The leftists push "climate-change" lies and Agenda-21 GENOCIDE (which Jones and the Birchers expose pretty well)--whereas the "rightists" following Israel are willing to keep the goyim around in order to continue parasitizing. WE MUST ENCOURAGE THESE TOP FACTIONS AMONG KIKES TO CONTINUE THEIR IN-FIGHTING, get a clue.

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