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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Homosexuals are un-questionably subjectivists, living in their own little world, IGNORING reality....

[See just below blog posting-article, dated 4 May, posted 5 May, to Nystrom (, who censored apster (see also ref.s given), this the latest (probably last) msg on the subject.]

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-----------below-copied by ap sent 6 May 2015------------

Nystrom Continues To Ignore, Evade--The Incompetent Coward
(Apollonian, 6 May 15)

Well Nystrom:

We see u're determined to ignore reality--U'VE THUS LOST THE DEBATE, buddy--as we've always complained regarding u homosexual psychotics.  Reality to u is subjective, isn't it?

U're simply going to IGNORE, as is ur TYPICAL psychotic wont, our libertarian thesis to effect we, the people, have every right to discriminate against u gays, including taking state action against u, as in way of preventing ur being in army/military, serving as teachers, allowed to adopt children, etc., this all in same way as state takes action against other anti-social elements, like criminals and felons, u gays understood as part of the legitimate, libertarian governmental concern against internal enemies and criminals--as I argued.

But now further, note, specific pt. regards u homosexuals USING libertarianism, quite illegitimately and fraudulently, in way of masking ur homosexual agenda--we saying U'RE NOT NOT NOT A real libertarian--proven by ur inability and refusal to discuss/debate the issue, pretending libertarianism suddenly and obligatorily legitimizes ur homosexual perversions, enabling u gays to intrude upon society and its children.

U cannot stand this SIMPLE discussion/debate, above-noted, and thus u censor and suppress those voices, including libertarian, which pt.-out this simple fact and argument (regarding right of society to discriminate against intrusive, alien, adverse, anti-pathetic, injurious, even psychotic elements, like gays), all the while u fascist, psychotic gays, like urself, spouting ur usual lies and nonsense about "love" of whatever--yes, love of gay psychotics like urself, obviously, the people be damned, according to u.

And u have NOTHING to say about this simple argument as I outline above, FURTHER, u suppressing even the mentioning and notation of the that argument, imagining, like the typical homosexual fascist and psychotic, that u're too good, evidently, to offer any arguments.

Nystrom: u've had ur chance, and all ur other babbling and spouting, like about "love," as u so preposterously put forth, will not cover-up or deflect fm ur true fascist, psychotic nature and motivations in contempt of reason and true libertarianism.

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