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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pelagian heresy is something far too little understood by far too many people....

Originally Posted by ytkm View Post
The 'good' world triumph over 'bad' Germans is the question.
Is that not the essence of this great hoax? A lifetime of 'bad German' for what?
A bet?

Pelagian Heresy Is Very Difficult, Intricate, Not Only Theologically, But Philosophically Too--Requires Sufficient Expo For MOST People
(Apollonian, 4 May 15)

(a) First of all, ur manner of such cryptic and abbreviated sentences and text format is barely understandable--TO ANYONE under any circumstances.

(b) But further, and most to the pt., the specific details u talk about are not really directly relative to the Pelagian heresy theme.

I do see ur pt., I think (after pondering), about the details being distantly related, but ask urself--WHO ELSE WOULD GRASP THAT?--u would need to provide explicit exposition on Pelagian heresy. The way u're doing it is u're referring to one subject-matter and then mentioning Pelagian heresy without giving any explanation for the relation or what Pelagianism is in the first place--and ONLY those who were specifically up on Pelagianism would even begin to understanding ur note/msg.

So people are left wondering WTF it is u're even talking about. U invoke Pelagianism as if u're making some kind of pt., but this actual pt. of urs isn't clear to anyone, u just asserting it's Pelagianism as if u've proven anything.

Note Pelagianism is heretical and fallacious, BUT ONLY IF ONE ADOPTS strict Christian principle of original sin and determinist sinfulness of humanity--u don't bother making note of this. Most folks don't even begin to grasping this fine theologic distinction which u so breezily mention and then pass-over.

For remember: if u assume the Jew premise of subjectivism, then Pelagianism is more sensible and legitimate--even if it's rejected by strict Christianity, founded upon objectivity and determinist (philosophic) principle--which 99% of people have greatest difficulty grasping. So u're being presumptuous to pt. of LOSING most people for ur reasoning--who will attempt reading ur cryptic, difficult-to-grasp text and then thinking to themselves, "WTF?!!!!"

Sure, St.s Paul and Augustine note the determinist principle and innate sinful human nature, BUT there's possible confusion in St.s Peter and James (Gospels) who mention "works" as the fruition and manifestation of true Christian virtue.

U need to explain everything out in reasonable detail so that average folks can begin to getting a grasp for what u're trying to say--u leave too much stuff out of the necessary expo, I submit.

Don't forget, at bottom, subjectivism and objectivity are both ASSUMPTIONS (which cannot be proven, merely assumed). Subjectivism is only rejected when one reduces-to-absurd (even then Jews STILL assert it, they insisting upon their absolute freedom of will, not caring they hubristically equate themselves w. God). Even objectivity is difficult as it leads to determinism which seriously stumps most folks who were taught "free" will fm child-hood--they don't immediately realize (I sure didn't when I was young) humans don't have PERFECT "free" will--only God does--ours is limited, we being creatures of will, hence self-interest.

And people are taught fm child-hood about being "good" (hence obedient) is the best way. So average people don't necessarily see anything wrong w. (some) subjectivism--and they don't realize how Jews make use of it for their own satanic purposes (even most Jews don't grasp this)--u gotta explain this in some reasonable detail to begin to making sense for folks.

Ur original posting at the top for this thread totally leaves people in the lurch for any specific pt. u're trying to make. I understand Pelagianism, but I didn't understand what specific pt. u were trying to make. In sum, I think ur mistake is in presuming people know anything much about Pelagianism which u leave totally un-explained.

U must rather make more careful, detailed effort--otherwise just leave off w. such Pelagian subject-matter until u're sure u're going to necessary trouble for people's understanding. U gotta look again at what u've written to ck to see it makes sense FOR OTHER FOLKS, not just urself.

-----------------------------below-copied is the posting referred to in above essay by ap-----------------------------

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Default WW2 -Pelagian heresy spectacular

Is there any greater example? ' Romans' vs 'Jews' circa 33AD?

6 mil (sic) jews. 60 million Russians. The German Red Cross in 2005 put the total combined German military and civilian war dead at 7,375,800, including*ethnic Germans*outside of Germany and Austrians.

Numbers don't lie. Goy-icide doesn't count

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Any other better examples of Pelagius' s devastative abilities?

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