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Sunday, February 28, 2016

What actually is "science"?--what's scientific "method"?--is there a reality, etc.?....

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No Scientific Method?--Mere Myth?--So Are Reality And Truth Myth Too?--What Isn't "Myth"?
(Apollonian, 28 Feb 16)

There are extremely serious basic problems w. this essay, and I pt. to the bolded sub-headings fm above, "The myth of the “scientific method”" and "There is no such thing as the “scientific method.”" For these preceding, sub-headings, are simple gross, massive question-begging, obviously.

So is reality and truth mere myth and non-existent? Note Christianity is itself worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above all/any other precept, tenet, or principle, including love, peace, and "faith." Truth is "ONLY WAY" to God and Godly happiness, the summum bonum. Truth IS summum bonum. How is there such truth without the necessarily under-lying reality?

For ultimately, at the end of any science and scientific process, the question necessarily arises as to truth and accuracy, and this is done by reference to reality, by means of sense-perception. For science necessarily implies truth which gives science it's essential character, and truth implies reality, which is the basic and essential (Aristotelian) metaphysical assumption--that there is an objective reality.

Even to deny this objectivity is itself an assumption--such is metaphysics. And the denial of objectivity immediately renders things absurd as anything goes; there's no criterion. Only w. objectivity is there a criterion, thus validity of sense-perception. For included necessarily w. objectivity is the existence of sense-perception, that irreplaceable link/bridge w. reality.

And don't forget logic itself is necessarily founded upon objectivity which gives it rise. Thus scientific method is necessarily founded upon objectivity, the assumption, and hence then validity of sense-perception--there's no "science" without these.

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