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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Does Christianity have any real, serious meaning?--is there a philosophy in it, to it?....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Christian Literature MUST Mean Something; Otherwise We're Just Idiots
(Apollonian, 2 Feb 16)

Ok (see below-copied), u give me something to work w. here, so I believe I can produce a worthwhile and informative response. But I'll have to alter the order of subjects to be discussed in order to make sense.

(a) U write, "Are you saying that one must be perfect to try to emulate Christ's teaching?" But then u say,

(b) "Also - you cannot even define a Christian for me so there is no way to even discuss the matter since there is no common concept to discuss."

Greeks teach human existence is TRAGEDY--which has defined our Western culture fm beginning. Christians, following fm even the Old Test., agree, following Greeks, noting humans are sinners--get it? Life sucks--Life is war, according to Homer, Plato, St. Augustine, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Darwin, and all the wisest men of the West. Life sucks.

Christian philosophy is contained in New Test. literature, and Christ preached TRUTH as greatest virtue, the only "way" to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

"Peace" is meant only as some inner reward for the pursuit and somewhat partial achievement of TRUTH, the greatest virtue.

Thus "turning other cheek" is mere means to end of foremost virtue of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other--u need to grasp this greatest Christian virtue, Christ = truth, which truth cannot be killed, and which resurrects, as at Easter.

Reason truth cannot be killed is that reality (understood as "God-given") is OBJECTIVE, truth then simply reflecting.

So I think that's ur greatest problem: not understanding foremost Christian virtue--IT IS NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT mere "peace," peace coming only as a product of foremost virtue of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ).

No wonder u're so horrifically hung-up on what New Test., hence protagonist Christ character teaches--"peace" is minor and mere after-effect of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH.

U must face fact that "Christianity," whatever it is or isn't, is contained in literature of New Test. New Test. lit. must be the criterion, the necessary "COMMON CONCEPT."

So in order to understand New Test. as the basic literature, u must realize it's where the basic "common concept" must lie--if it exists. And there MUST be a "common concept," otherwise it's all meaningless for any possible coherent Christian philosophy.

Remember "religion" is simply poor, illiterate folks' substitute for formal philosophy as contained within lit. of New Test.

Get away fm the compulsion and illusion that there's such thing as "peace," except as something inner which u only get fm knowledge of truth. For only that inner peace w. oneself is possible, and only by means of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ) is basic msg of New Test. lit., that truth which cannot be killed and always resurrects.

--------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------

Anonymous Feb 2, 2016, 7:27:00 PM


Are you saying that one must be perfect to try to emulate Christ's teaching? For example: "Turn the other cheek"

Can't we give that a try once in a while? Or must one be perfect to do that?

Also regarding .223 remington - that is what the US rifles shoot - as opposed to the caliber used by the so-called "dirty mooslims" - who use different ammo. The point is that both sides love killing each other - there fore getting no points for differentiating themselves or putting themselves above the other side for displaying Christlike behaviour. Therefore I simplify differentiating sides of the Christian/Muslim war by looking at their weapons. Not much else. Both are equally unbending in their violent religious zeal - neither seems that willing for peace. Israel has benefitted greatly from this conflict in my opinion as some countries that posed a threat to them in the past have been attacked by the US and some are now embroiled in conflicts within their own national boundaries. Who benefits?

The concept of religion and killing is just a little weird for me - I was raised in an environment where, and maybe my perception is incorrect here, that the purpose of religion was for us to find a way to come together for reasons other than warfare. I thought the lessons of Christ included the pursuit of peace - but no, it comes down to the pursuit of more .223 remington to kill more people from another religion.

Also - you cannot even define a Christian for me so there is no way to even discuss the matter since there is no common concept to discuss. I use that term here very loosely -

I've met many people who described themselves as Christians - to me - and they like seeing Muslims die. They want more to die. Same is true in the other direction I would imagine. America seems to be embroiled in these unamerican war-endeavors. However the profits from making the loans for the wars are a very lucrative business for a monied few. I wonder who they are - can you help me understand the specifics of that without going into some religious hatred-rant? Your use of "blanket statements" to describe unhomogenious groups of people is not only illogical - it presents a depiction of reality that I submit is inaccurate. Probably half of any group we blame is blameless - just like a large group of Americans are blameless for the actions of this nation.

The percentage of Americans that really agree with a majority of the actions of the US government is becoming more and more miniscule every day - that's why the country has so many problems. It is the desires of the few that direct the actions of the US - which seem more and more evil and money-driven all the time. It is not ME that wants all of this war - it is the arms dealers etc... that want the wars - as they are the ones that always want the wars.

And as I put in the article - I believe that the Christians have indeed been somehow working in concert with the Israelis/Jews (the militarist ones in power) just like

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