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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Climate-change" is crass, putrid fraud, conspiracy; ought not be dignified, and "skepticism" is NOT science....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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"Global Warming" Is Known Fraud, Criminal Conspiracy, And "Skepticism" Isn't Scientific--Is ANTI-Science, Never Doubt
(Apollonian, 23 Feb 16)

It's interesting that discussion of theory of "global warming" (or "climate-change") is and becomes actually and nearly exclusively philosophic and epistemic discussion. For Pyrrhonic skepticism was actually quite Platonic inasmuch as sense-perception is not acceptable as basis of knowledge--by definition. Hence there's problem for what is knowledge--what would/could it be?

So if one rules-out sense perception, logic and science itself are ruled-out. Skepticism itself rules out all/any science or knowledge. For if knowledge is to be of reality, the only possible bridge and/or link would have to be sense-perception, in accord w. Aristotle (sorry, lacking for specific citation at the moment).

For note, as Ayn Rand pt.s out (again, lacking specific citation), any theory of logic requires first the instance given by sense-perception, A = A, etc. Theory requires a basis in objective reality; otherwise ANYTHING GOES, lacking criterion.

Ultimately, note the question for science and philosophy (metaphysics) regards the nature of reality which is the first premise, which is necessarily an ASSUMPTION, it being the FIRST premise--is it objective (Aristotle) or not (Plato and Pyrrho)?

If it's objective, then the only possible bridge/link fm the mind's knowledge would have to be sense-perception. So that's what science, necessarily, is all about, and that's what it has ALWAYS been about, sense-perception necessarily the means of verification for any theory or speculation.

Regarding "global-warming" or "climate-change," note these are KNOWN frauds, and all one needs do is google-search for numerous instances, and the purpose is a socialist-style DICTATORSHIP founded on excuse/pretext of this fraudulent "climate-change" (most preferred nowadays).

So the REAL problem w. Mr. Bell's expo here, as I see it, though creditable for the history, discussion, and various notes and tid-bits, is it rather tends to LEGITIMIZE the real fraud that's actually involved on part of the "climate-change" liars, frauds, and criminals who are integral part of the satanic conspiracy to mass-exterminate the population of the world according to "agenda-21."

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