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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Function of Jews?--leaders of satanism, exterminators/liquidators of the excess goy population in the Spenglerian CYCLE of hist....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Jews Organizing Warfare To Eliminate Excess Population
(Apollonian, 13 Feb 16)

U scoff (see below-copied), but as we've noted, life is war. The task then is to MANAGE the warfare for safety and interests of the citizenry.

So we heed to Christ and Christian truth, right?--and what's the problem?--satanism, hubris, Jews, etc., Jews the leaders, though of course they're not only ones subject to hubris and satanism (extreme subjectivism).

After all, when the fools join the Jew S Army they essentially sell themselves out and off to go and fighting for the Jew-masters at the top who run everything and direct all the warfare, right?

And the warfare is AFTER the poor fools of soldiers have gotten all their deadly, toxic vaccinations, and as they work w. depleted uranium munitions which all destroys them in other ways.

So u see, JR, as the CYCLIC Spenglerian "Decline of the West" produces all these masses of fools, they work to kill themselves off in their strange and mysterious ways, I guess, don't they?--fighting for "good" and the Jewwy "American way."

And that's the function of Jews and satanists--organizing wars and things to work the kill-off and die-out of the excess population which has been generated heretofore.

Our task then is to trying to survive best we can, avoiding getting involved in the fatal dance of death organized by Jews and satanists.

So the Christian way of truth tells me we need to get back to gold/silver as money and breaking-up ZOG central state, back into the states-rights concept we had at beginning. And have u hrd?--looks like central banks are definitively losing control, the economy (of Jew S A and West) tanking--see

------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------

Anonymous Feb 12, 2016, 11:58:00 PM

Well Apsterian, if you are an American, why tell you? You must luv yoo ess ayy yoo ess ayy -

I am praying to your God right now for America to start more wars - just so I can watch these ****ing fools here - sitizins - send their kids off to war for....nothing... I need to learn to love watching that happen's gunna take some time watching peeple hurt themselves but I can do it - and laugh over time - bwar bwa - watch the kids shoot each other to death ha ha ha - war for profit - great idea - ha ha - oh is your kid dead? ha ha
throw them on the dump why waste the metal for the coffin when there is a war effort you selfich scummy parent?...

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