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Thursday, January 21, 2016

What actually are the circumstances for such a criminal enterprise as central-banking?....

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How "Simple" Does Simplicity Have To Be?
(Apollonian, 21 Jan 16)

"Please watch this video - is it really all this simple?" -JR

Remember, the "it" is simply legalized COUNTERFEITING--literally. "Criminals" who are caught counterfeiting are often dealt with quite severely. At origin of USA, counterfeiting was punished by death.

And "it" merely requires and entails the replacement of real MONEY (commodity-based, hence gold/silver) with what's now called "currency," paper (also, nowadays, digitalized computer numbers) and ink. See for best expo on money subject.

And one of the legalizing measures this counterfeiting entails is "legal-tender" laws which forces people to accept this currency.

And this sort of legalized counterfeiting has gone on throughout history, so the methods are well-known--it works because people too easily fail to understand what MONEY is and must be and why.

"Money" is actually quite an abstract subject-matter, so it's easy to fool most people, people so easily confused and taught to lack confidence in themselves for ability to think--especially under the right cultural circumstances.

So JR, when u ask about the "simplicity" of "it" all regarding this legalized counterfeiting, u need merely consult history.

HONEST Christian people, or such as the original Roman farmer-soldiers, are and were not so easily fooled, but the HUBRISTIC sort, like u, JR, are always fooled, sooner or later, one way or another. And that sort of hubristic mental-conditioning is what happens in the CYCLIC course of things historically, esp. in mature and evermore corrupt empires--like the Jew S A.

So is it (legalized counterfeiting) really "all that simple"?--well, it only requires the right circumstances, as we see fm history; otherwise the basic elements of the central-banking criminal enterprise are fairly well-known, I'd say, including especially the element of hubris present within the people and civilization. Hubris of the suckers thrive in way of politically-correct sort like u, wouldn't u say? How "simple" does "it" have to be?

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