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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tracy should be relieved to be out and away fm putrid thought-control system....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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"Good Riddance," In All The Irony
(Apollonian, 8 Jan 16)

Heck yeah, and not only that (see below-copied), but I'm sure there's a teachers' union or association of some sort--they should be standing solidly behind Tracy, and if not, why not?--that would be most interesting info right there, eh? And what about the students?

Just imagine what's going on w. those stupid "teachers" who don't stand together, standing strong for intellectual freedom--those pathetic, cowardly scum--great example they are for the students, eh?

But that's modern "thought-control" for u, isn't it? Powers-that-be have decided the "party-line," and so the scum duly heed.

So when all is said and done, it's surely not bad thing Tracy leaves such scum, such putrid thought-control situation behind. Still it will be good idea to sue crap out of those filth to get as much info as possible.

After all, the ultimate power behind all this is the satanic Jew world order, making use of their legalized COUNTERFEIT machine controlling the finances, funding, hence the judges and bureaucracy, the thought-control establishment being very prominent and important.

And the interesting thing is there are in-ur-face PHOTOS of un-damaged class-room windows, and fat-boy Carver there lounging about in civvies and tenny-shoes, ho ho ho. See

Can u imagine?--when someone asks if the picture was fm 14th and not 13th, "well golly, but he just got tired and fatigued at looking over 26 dead bodies, so he decided to put on his tenny-shoes for a little comfort as he moves among the corpses." Ho oho ho ho ho ho

Hint: pictures taken on 13th all by itself gives the whole game away. How low can u go for purest cowardice if/when u cannot even make use of the PLAINEST sense-perceptory evidence. Are u really willing to deny evidence of ur very own eye-sight?--if so, u've essentially committed suicide, buddy.

Tracy ought to kick and scream bloody murder--just for the good of the American people--at least for the youth and the little kiddoes.

----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------------

Dreadnought January 7, 2016 at 10:41 PM

It's the discovery process that will be the gold mine. Allan Powell

Anonymous January 7, 2016 at 9:55 PM

The lawyers for professor Dr. James Tracy, Ph.D. should not accept anything less than a settlement of Ten Million Dollars ($10 million) for the massive deliberate harm to his good name by this sorry excuse called a University. Also as a part of the agreement the cowardly and gutless president John W. Kelly, Ph.D. should also be fired. If possible, all of the roughly 1000 other so called "professors" should also be fired and this sorry excuse of an institution for higher learning promptly shut down. This would do all potential future students a favor as well as the duped public supporting such a dismal failure in "higher education" in America today. This place stinks worse than a meat locker with a power failure! Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D, Physics

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