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Thursday, January 14, 2016

JR: excellent observer; miserable analyst....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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JR: Excellent Observer Of Sociology Which He Yet FAILS To Understand Fully
(Apollonian, 14 Jan 16)

Ho ho ho ho ho--very good posting, JR--very pertinent and indicative of the horrific way things are. And yes, Orwell (Eric A. Blair) was brilliantly prescient, wasn't he?

And if u noticed, u see big headlines about the most recent 1.3 billion (w. a "b") dollar pay-out, split btwn 3 people--whoopee, ho ho ho ho ho--which promptly must be paid right back to ZOG.

Imagine the sort of society/culture which features such an addicted/gambling mentality--filled w. goons and scum, getting ready for the great slaughter coming-up now when/as US Dollar collapses evermore.

All ZOG needs, u notice, is a prominent Jews-media--which formerly was able to censor and exclude any competition or alternative, excepting only now, temporarily, the present Internet, but which free Internet will surely not last much longer.

Ur problem, JR, is ur inability to analyze the real cultural problem, beginning w. the deterministic, hence CYLCIC nature of reality (a), and then (b) history, as of Oswald Spengler's great theory in "Decline of the West."

For u FAIL to grasp reality and history, JR, imagining ur pretended "free" will can change anything, u pretending to the anti-Christ, hubristic delusion of "good-evil," etc.

But u surely also, no less, deserve credit for ur observing the cultural parallel for Orwell and the present sociologic circumstances--even if u have a different grasp for basic premises thereto, clinging to ur obsession for "moralism" and "good-evil."

What can I say, JR?--u gotta LOSE ur inferiority/guilt -complex by which u cling-to and insist upon this CHILD'S "good-evil" delusion, known in Christian theology as Pelagian heresy. For that's all u express, ultimately, as u insist upon "morals."

For ethics depends upon basic nature of reality--wherein there is no perfectly "free" human will, reality being DETERMINED according to absolute cause-effect and nothing else.

Thus the "successful" society, as of former USA, begins w. heroes and conquerors--as of original Romans and Americans who didn't indulge moralism and "good-evil," they rather adhering, even if not so much consciously, to the determinist (objective) premise.

Then however, these founding heroes and conquerors breed-up ever weaker generations who didn't have to fight like the founders did, the weaklings and inferiors evermore willing to indulge the NON-determinist premise hence the sort of moralism that u so often like to feature and express, JR. Thus the culture "declines" in Spenglerian CYCLIC fashion--which u observe well enough, at least for the details, but fail for fullest analysis of principle(s).

For rule-of-law and Bill of Rights can ONLY exist upon the objective/determinist principle, JR--hence the real Christianity--which all TOTALLY escapes u, unfortunately, despite ur otherwise excellent observational abilities and literary appreciation, as of Orwell.

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