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Friday, January 22, 2016

Politically-correct hubris is ironic for disapproval of TV....

Below-copied essays by ap first published at comments,

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Basic Problem: Hubris Vs. Determinist Reality
(Apollonian, 22 Jan 16)

"There's a lot that needs to be looked at to fix this problem." -JR

No, JR, u're not getting it--"problem" can't, won't be "fixed," as u childishly imagine. It doesn't matter how much u "look at" things.

For the forest fire cannot be put-out now, at this pt. ONLY thing now that will happen is the fire must and will simply burn itself out, as I've noted.

For the problem of central-banking (see and for expo) is and was caused by the excessive stupidity of excess population of goons bred-up by the original and founder generation(s)--and u "can't fix stupid." Such is inexorable course of CYCLIC, determinist (according to absolute cause-effect, no "free" will) history, according to Spengler's "Decline of the West."

This excess stupid people now must simply die-out and be killed-off--that's ultimately what happens. U can't reason with them--they're stupid, and not only stupid, but filled w. hubris--they think they're smart--most EXTREME stupidity, which cannot, won't be "fixed."

So the goons will never accept removal of central-banking--and they must suffer the consequences. The forest-fire cannot be put-out--it's got to take its inevitable course--can ONLY burn itself out.

Ur HUBRIS, typical of the general over-populated masses of TV-addicts, is u think (a) there's "free" human will that (b) can "fix this problem," as u write, above, imagining determinist, historic course can be changed by mere (and non-existent) human "free" will.

Do u grasp the irony, JR?--by believing, as u do, in "free" human will, u suffer fm the same result as the masses of TV-addicts who are similarly deluded by the Jew-tube--believing in "free" will.

And u LOVE ur Jew oppressor too, don't u?--u spout the very same clich├ęs taught over the Jew-tube to the goons--the "politically-correct" non-racism, non-anti-Semitism, etc.

Such then is the cultural satanism taught and spread by means of the corrupt stage of culture and hubris, as through the Jew-tube--fm which u imagine, evidently, u're immune--But that's simply the supreme IRONY of the determinist reality which u reject, ignore, and imagine doesn't affect u.

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